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Overall: A virtual reality world where every action has a consequence. You begin as a young boy who grows up to become a known Hero. Choose your path, good or evil.
You can get married to both men and women. You obtain scars from battles. You can be strong, fast, guile and even fat. The whole game feels very realistic and has a very good RPG element.
The down side to this is that its too short.

Gameplay: Gameplay can be complex at first but the training at a very early stage of the game is highly useful. Gets you started straight away.

Graphics: Visually it is the best looking game even for an RPG. The scenery looks lush and lively. Everything is full of activity and life. It really brings out the true essense of a fairy tale world. The characters are well modelled that it can be easily mistaken for a real life being. The NPC however could have done a little more work. They almost look the same as each other. Any town I go to, theres the same guy from the previous town I went to.

Audio: The sound of the whole environment is indeed very realistic and with the use of the music composed by Danny Elfman it really does bring life to it. The voice acting is excellent and very British indeed. The NPC however are limited to amount of words. It feels like they're saying the same stuff over and over again. Also they seem to have the same voice as each other.

Suggestions: Longer
If they allowed us to carry on after the game at least give us more quests to do or even have a quest generator. It seems rather boring playing the game after completion of the main plot.
More weapons
More secrets
More clothing/armour
More potions
Being able to learn new things as you go along rather than learning everything at a very young and early age.
More creatures to fight. Like Kraken or the giant scorpion.
Being able to kill kids this time
Being able to have kids
Have a proper job.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Driv3r

Overall: The threequel to the Driver series but in the next gen consoles. You play as a hard boiled undercover cop who must infiltrate a gang of criminals to help them steal cars, forgot how many. Sounds similar to a movie that I once watched. Anywho since the success of the first two Driver games came from the strictly driving, this game furthers that by making it playable on foot with GUNS. I know the second driver game had on foot but not mission base and all you can do is hijack other cars. This new Driver copies the style of GTA but only 30% of the missions are based on foot, the rest are based on driving and thats when it stays true to its root.

Gameplay: You get to drive cars that handles like quite well but still feel a bit weird when you use the brakes but after a while you'll get use to it. The foot missions aren't exactly quite up to top marks though at least it has foot missions. If it doesn't then this game would be boring. You use the left thumbstick to move direction and right thumbstick to aim. It can be played in first or third person which is good thing but still it suffers from that aiming system. Its not even sensitive enough, I put the aim sensitivity right up to the highest and it still aims slow.
Car missions get quite tedious as well, you keep on restarting which is a pain.
The damage physics in cars are absolutely stunning and are the best I've seen in any game.
Bikes handle like !&%$@#* , I'm sorry but it does not handle like bikes you've played in GTA:VC.

Graphics: Visually it looks much better than GTA , True Crimes and mafia combined in terms of character models, especially cars and environments. It really does recreate the city of Miami, Nice and Istanbul quite nicely with a neat touch of climatic effects. What it lacks is details to interiors of a building. Not really polished and I find myself going to the same place at least twice.

Audio: The crashes sound great and so does the guns. I like how they included soundtracks from your hard drive for the xbox version. That also includes on foot, you can listen to music while running around shooting people which I thought GTA and True Crimes should've done. Overall I think its great.

Suggestions: Improve the aiming system.
Make full use of the city, I didn't get to drive around the whole of Miami, Nice and Istanbul, so that means more missions!! It was way too short.
Include multiplayer and this time with lots of other cars and people, not like in Driver 2.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Overall: Stealth em up game that requires quick thinking and stradegy.
Great overall, if you've played the original then you will love this sequel. Its long but can get a little bit repetitive at some times. Some levels are immensely long.
Not exactly an absorbing game so It won't last very long.

Gameplay: Similar to the original but with the inclusion of a whistle does changes the controls. Left click on the analogue stick and Sam will hug the wall. Its no longer the white button. He also have a new fancy move which will delight the fans. A new Swat roll. Quick evasion from a doorway.
He also got a new half split jump. Very impressive indeed. In tight corridors, he can do half split jumps and you can lean him left or right.
However with the inclusion of a whistle makes this a very easy game. I felt it wasn't hard at all in the harder difficulty settings.
AI could have been a little bit better.
Its also a shame that the whole game felt too linear. There's not alot of ways of overcoming a situation. You have to go down this path which sucks.

Graphics: The visuals are spectacular.
Lighting is great, shadowing is great.
Its very atmospheric.
The locations are varied so that means you don't visit the same place twice.

Audio: I felt the sound was a major let down. The sound of weapon fires sounded kinda weak but I've never heard a real gun being fired before so I wouldn't know if thats the sound of real gunfire.
The music was funky. It really adds to the intensity.

Suggestions: More ways of completing the game. Needs more ways of overcoming a situation.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Ninja Gaiden

Overall: A fast pace action/adventure beat em' up with a touch of rpg elements making this a fun game to play. In some cases people are saying this is too hard but I thought this was normal. It wasn't too hard or too easy.
The plot is simple, you are Ryu Hayabusa, a ninja who seeks vengeance on the Vigoorian empire that massacred your clan and the village people. There are 2 swords, one is the dark dragon blade and the other is the dragon blade. The dark dragon blade was taken by the Vigoorian Empire and it is your job to recover it.
I love the plot, simple and engaging. Full marks for this.
oh and the boss battles are engaging.

Gameplay: Gameplay is like, woah! This is great. it feels great and plays great but sometimes you do get a little frustrated when you perform a move that you didn't want it to happen like the automatic wall run. It was awkward in some places but overall it is great.
The camera angles was a big let down. When I first read about the camera angles, they said it would be great, you don't need to change the camera angles, but I felt like every single corner I turn to I must pull the right trigger just to centre the camera angle.

Graphics: This is by far the best looking game. Looks better than Halo, Splinter cell and any other good looking games you can name of that is out now. And the CGI cutscene, nuff said.

Audio: The sound of sword slashing and clanging was great. The sounds of weapons are great.
Just great overall.

Suggestions: Fix the camera angles.
Possibly do co op modes
Play as different characters
And more unlockables please.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Deus Ex: Invisible War

Overall: A first person RPG set in a futuristic world where government and different, opposing factions vie control of power over the world. Government conspiracy comes into play, religious sect that you don't know helps you. You just don't know who to trust. After the destruction of Chicago its up to you to stay on your feet and find out who was behind the terrorist attack. Trust no one.
This game is just breath taking from the graphics all down to the controls. The graphics are superb, the gameplay is brilliant and the sound is pretty cool to. The disadvantages of this game are the poor rag doll technology used. Its too light and sensitive, not enough character models for you to choose from, a slight frame rate issue and its not exactly open ended gameplay. Its quite linear but overall everything about this game is just great.

Gameplay: The controls are very good in fact. Easy to use and not so frustrating as you see in other games. The D pad comes into good use when you're trying to scroll through the inventory while you're walking. You don't have to pause and go through all these options just to take out a weapon. Just one press of a button and then you got a weapon ready. The gameplay is good overall but it doesn't feel open ended enough. Sure you can do things differently but you're still doing something quite linear. You are told to do things and you don't have a choice but do them. During conversations between characters, it doesn't feel like you have much options to choose from but at least you have some options.

Graphics: The visual effects are stunning. The character animations are brillaint and the models looks absolutely fabulous! The buildings look great as well but not very detailed. The bump mapping on characters and the environments are nothing but absolutely stunning. The lighting effects is the best in any game. Probably even better than Splinter Cell. Maybe it will even beat SC: Pandora Tomorrow, who knows? The shadow of any object changes position depending on where the light is shining which I thought was truly amazing. It just seems more realistic that way. The appearance of a fire may not look very good however the lighting of it makes up for its dodgy looks. The blood effects could be better though. Overall top marks for everything.

Audio: The sound is very good as well. The footsteps of you character which you create is !&%$@#* realistic! The sound of barriers falling down is very good. The sound of fire is very good as well because it creates an eery sensation that you're actually there. The bad point about it is that the shooting sounds are terrible. It doesn't seem like your gun is powerful enough. This is to some guns not all of them because other guns like the sniper rifle makes a terrific sound. The rail gun-ish is absolutely brilliant!

Suggestions: Better AI
More open ended gameplay
The sounds should be much better.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition

Overall: A third/first person rpg that allows you to choose what type of person/creature you want to be. One of the longest and most compelling rpg ever. You can choose to become a warrior or a mage. You level up by doing different types of movement, own your own house by killing the people inside a house thus claiming the house for yourself, doing jobs for different people therefore gaining you a reputation and the game world is enormous! One of the biggest and pretty much quite a detailed world. The names of places and people sounds kind of weird when I first played it but after a while you'll get use to it. The graphics are ok. Not the best ever and not the worst.
Overall a brilliant, absorbing and enchanting game that will stick with you until you're old and ready to collapse. The only let down are by below standard visual effects, slight frame rate issues and an alright combat system.

Gameplay: When you first start off, you begin to feel as if you're weak (well of course) but as you gradually play further into the game you begin to obtain more power therefore you are stronger at attacking somebody. The movement of the character isn't bad at all either, maybe it is slightly let down by slow movement but that's because you're either carrying to much or you're just tired, if thats the case you should get some rest. The save system is particularly good as well because it allows you to save almost anywhere, even during combat. The controls sometimes feel a little bit tricky to handle. Its complex at the start but you'll get use to it. The combat seems sluggish most of the time. It doesn't seem as if you're really doing some damage but unless you hold down the right trigger, it does this sort of power charge and once releae it does alot of damage.

Graphics: The visuals may not look like 'halo' standards but its still good for an rpg game and a world that looks and really feels enormous. The environment are very good in fact. It has some nice textures on the walls, fairly detailed, different towns look fairly detailed as well. The weapons in particular are one of the most detailed weapons ever. Its just the poor character model that lets it down and creatures that doesn't even look right. The clothes and armour doesn't make you feel like you're wearing something very protective.

Audio: Most of the time the game is quite silent. When I mean silent and meant no talking almost. It has some nice wind effects, rain sounds are terrific, even underwater it still sounds great. When you hit somebody with a sword, it makes the same sound over again which I think is really bad. Not much else I can talk about the sound but it has some awesome rain effects which makes it seems as if its a dull, cold day.

Suggestions: Take your time on visual effects.
Make the combat system even better!
A more fluid animation on character's movement. Make it more realistic like Splinter Cell style.
Better lighting/shadow effects.
A better frame rate.

Add a horse because travelling on foot is a killer. lol j/k

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Otogi: Myth of Demons

Overall: A action adventure game that is set in ancient Japan with mythical creatures. You take the role of Raikou, a member of the death clan who is charged to take people's life when their time is up. One day you defy the clan and you are sent to a place in between life and death. You're given a second chance where you take out demons in this hack and slash game. Forget about the plot, just play this absolutely stunning looking game and find out for yourself.

Gameplay: Not the best gameplay I've seen. The repetition when fighting is dull and boring. You see a demon, hack 'n' slash and you do the same stuff again. At least in some areas of the game, you don't just kill, you run away. This breaks up the repetition a bit. Camera angles are dodgy like hell. You don't know what you're hitting because there's something blocking your vision.

Graphics: This is one of the most stunning looking game ever. The environments alone can make this game feel so !&%$@#* atmospheric. The little details in the creatures that you're about to kill are amazing. They really do look scary. Everything looks it's part. The destruction of everything is absolutely brilliant.

Audio: The Japanese orchestral sounds have never been so atmospheric in a video game before. This is great. The music alone can make the environment scary. The sound of the building collapsing are excellent.

Suggestions: Avoid combat repetition.
Fix the camera angles.
Don't make it friggin hard!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 MotoGP 2

Overall: A sequel to the original motor bike racing game that surpasses it. One of the best racing games ever. I would say better than Project Gotham racing 2. The graphics are superb and the controls are slick. Speed is essential if you want to win as well as handling. Overall its great.

Gameplay: The gameplay has been tweaked from its predecessor but only for the best. When you first play it, you're probably wondering how are you meant control these bikes but then as you continue to play it, you begin to feel right at home. The 2 triggers act as your front and back brakes. The placement of these brakes are great. That means that you can brake independently. Hard to start off, easy to finish

Graphics: The visuals of these bikes are great. The bikes engines, the exhaust pipes and the wheels are absolutely stunning to look at. You can even customise your bike so when you go online, you can show it off. The environments look much better and more detailed than the original. The ground and the grass looks very detailed. You can't see the rain droplets but it does splatter on your screen. The smoke effects, the skid marks and the environment are terrific, much better than Project Gotham Racing 2.

Audio: The sound it superb as well. Basically the sound of engines, skid sounds, crashes and the water effects sounds terrific. When it is raining, you can just feel like its a terrible day. Their soundtracks are kind of dull but you can always put some of your soundtracks if you're feeling dull.

Suggestions: The game is based on realism but if they mix realism with fantasy then it will last a life time. Add different weather conditions like snow, ice and that the bikes will will handle and react differently to the conditions. What I want is cities that you can ride through rather than race tracks. That way it wouldn't look dull. Apart from that, everything else is fine.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: A stunning, beautiful looking game that plays extremely well. The main objective of this game is to earn kudos points by driving with style. Aggressive and defensive driving is definitely essential if you want to win because no other racers can match up to the computer AI drivers that will keep on pushing. These guys are aggressive and will try to take you out if necessary. The cars look better than before. It uses light and shadow effects as well as real time reflection. Look at the sun rays beaming on the ground and on the other cars. It is absolutely fabulous. The Kudos system has changed but thats for the better, not for the worst. One slight touch to the wall will not lose all your kudos points you generate from a slide. It will merely take out 'some' of the points, not all. This kind of new system is fantastic. You no longer have to throw your pad down or restart the race just because you touch a wall slightly. You won't lose that much points. You can even test drive the good cars without having to unlock them first. And I don't have to talk about online enabled do I? Well its great and thats what you need to know.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. You do tend to slide of too much but thats because of the car you're using. Each and every cars handle differently so you need to use certain types of cars to complete a race without frustration. D pad and left thumbsticks act as your steering wheel. You can decide which one is best but I use the D pad. The right thumbstick moves your camera so you can see side ways and behind. You'll probably use the right thumbstick most of the time to look behind you and do some defensive driving. Try not to crash into other cars or let other cars crash into you because you will spin and you will lose like that.

Graphics: The visuals are abolutely stunning. No doubt about it but Project Gotham Racing 2 is one of the BEST and BEST looking racing game ever! The cars have real time reflection and uses lighting and shadow effects. You can just see the shadow shrouding over the cars. Its great to look at. The buildings have been modelled aswell. They're actually 3D. The sky scrapers look great as well. Its nice and shiny. Everything is detailed, the buildings and the floors. The character animation is great as well. The driver moves when he does a turn or when he crashes.
When the cars crashes, it creates dents on the bit where it crashes. And the dents created have their own shadow effects. It looks realistic as hell. Nothing can beat the details of the environment.

Audio: The sound is great as well. The tryes screeching on the floor as it makes a hard turn. The sound of a burnout is just great. The crashes sounds nigh perfect. The sound of the engines in a car all sound authentic from any angles. Thats much I have to say for the sound. Only sound of cars, crashes and MUSIC. Each country or tracks have certain types of music but if you don't like them then you can rip off some of your own soundtracks. Just click the right thumbstick and move left or right to change the track.

Suggestions: Try to make challenges more varied rather than playing the same stuff over and over again. It seems quite boring doing the same stuff. More 'fun' challenges should be added. Its repetitive playing the same stuff but in a different city.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: A nice criminal game that is addictive as hell. The three genres put into one really does change a game. Its not the best port I've seen but two amazing game non the less.

Gameplay: The gameplay could have been improved but it's still handleable. If youve played the PS2 version for quite a while then you might not like the controls. The D pad does not allow you to move. The left thumbstick does allow you to move which might not suit certain areas of the game. The right trigger is to fire if you're walking and acceleration when you're driving. Then things become abit complicated. When you drive, the right thumbstick is to look around you and if you click it then you can fire but it is very awkward.

Graphics: The visuals are not the best I've ever seen but its still good. At least there's lip synching and individual fingers. The cars look shiny as well. For once there's an engine inside a car! The cars look much sweeter than the PS2 version.

Audio: The sounds are superb in this game. The car crashes made me jump for the first time. The voice acting is brilliant as well. They really sound like gangsters. Its more cinematic making it an enjoyable game to play and watch at the same time.

Suggestions: Better visuals for the xbox version.
Controls need to be simplified.
New features need to be added so it avoids being a straight port of the PS2 version.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: The plot is great. The gameplay is great. The sound wasn't that good. The visuals were excellent and the plot is one of the most realistic story ever told. Much better than Metal Gear Solid 2. The AI seems a bit bland. They're not so smart.

Gameplay: The gameplay is smooth and feels great to play. The controls are simple. Much simplier than Hitman 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2 combined.

Graphics: The visuals are magnificent. The use of light and shadow effects come into really good use either to look at or to use to overcome a situation. The character animations looks great. The use of different scenery makes it brilliant game to look at and move around in. It avoids repetition.

Audio: It does have some rubbish sounds or sounds doesn't even sound realistic. A big let down, thats all I can say. Some sound effects however are brilliant. The running on gravel sound was excellent and one of the most realistic sound in any game.

Suggestions: Better sounds please.
Better AI please.
More levels please.
Congratualtions on this fantastic, nigh perfect looking game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: A futuristic first person shooter that surpasses any other FPS games. Halo is big. Not just the name of it or the size of the planet, but in terms of level designs and vehicals. They are all good.
The story is exceptionly well put. Its original and makes you think about life itself. The different guns used to overcome a situation is really a big thumbs up. The visuals are great. The amount of detail put on one rock was a sight of beauty. Bump mapping was even better than any other FPS. In fact most FPS can't even do this kind of level of design. The gameplay is simple and is more adaptable. You get use to it straight away. The idea of carrying two guns is great therefore you don't have to scroll through the weapons selection screen and pick which one you want in a middle of a battle. This game makes you want to pick a weapon that you'll need for the next stage.
The game is not all about shooting the enemy with your gun, but driving around and exploring the place in a different perspective. This breaks up the action and it avoids repetition. This game is thoroughly enjoyable to play wherever you're a FPS fan or not.
Lets not forget the co op mode and multiplayer options making this game addictive as hell! It has one of the best multiplayer mode ever and co op mode is absolutely stunning.

Gameplay: The gameplay is brilliant. The simple controls get you hooked onto the pad without any irritation. You don't have to press 2 buttons at once to activate an action. The buttons for a certain type of action is placed exactly where you want it to be. The right trigger is to fire your main weapon and you left trigger is to throw grenades. Simple isn't it? It maybe confusing at first when you want to change your weapon for the weapon on the ground. You'll have to hold down the x button to change it which at first got me a little bit confused however after 15 minutes of playing it I thought this is a brilliant idea. If anologue sticks aren't for you then you could always use the D pad to move your character. A big thumbs up to the developers for making this futuristic game's control simple and easy to use.

Graphics: The visuals are one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in a game and not just any game, for a FPS game. I can't believe that the developers would spend so much time in adding so much detail to one rock and lets not forget there are several other rocks. People would ask why? Well the simple answer to this is for realism. They wanted everything to look as realistic as possible. The details on those Grunts are amazing. Their scails made me really think that these creatures are REALLY CREATURES. The bump mapping is brilliant as well. The developers did well to create it and I thought it was wonderful.
Some of the levels however did look the same to me which I thought laziness from the developers but I don't blame them. This type of stuff is the only let down of this game. Just going through a place that looks exactly the same as the one as the room you've been before makes it dull and repetitive. Overall the visuals are stunning.

Audio: The sounds are excellent. If you have Dolby Digital Surround sound system 5.1 then you're in for a treat. Every explosions you hear, you can hear the small rocks falling down onto the ground. The bullets shot and hits the wall makes a brilliant sound. You can even hear the bullet casing fall down each time you fire your gun. You can even hear the echoes of your fellow marine friends. However if you don't have Dolby Digital 5.1 then its still great but it doesn't have the little detailed sound to it. Overall the sound in this game is brilliant. Top Mark.

Suggestions: Since I got use to the anologue stick for movement, you should make good use of the D pad however I think the controls might be made too complicated. If you do it right then there should be no problems. Oh and the same looking levels doesn't really work making it very boring. Try to have different sceneries. I also want more weapons. The weapons are great but there are not alot of them so add more. Other than that nothing else really. It is a masterpiece after all.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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