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Outlaw Golf

Overall: this game is already out, but there's a link to it in the excitement section, so i'm treating it like an excitment rating for when i do buy or rent it.

Gameplay: the video and demo from the OXM game looks like th fighting could be appealing, but the golf part controls and play didn't set well with me - this points toward a rental status.

Graphics: the visuals are good when they show those lovely ladies in the game, the golf course environments look fine as well. other than that, it looks average - again, this places it as a rental game.

Audio: i was not impressed from any demo's or videos i saw. this is always a tough part of the game to get down. this makes me not want to even rent it.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: great, addictive, high-energy fighter!! the environment interaction was done very well. the storyline is acceptable - no worse than past fighters.

Gameplay: it's repetitive, but all fight games are. the controls are tight. you can play it as a button-masher, you can play it as a defensive/reversal type, or you can use strategy and attack with specific combos to take advantage of the enemies weakness. this game allows these 3 types of fighting better than others out there.

Graphics: very good. this is what the x-box can handle. all games on this system should look this good or better.

Audio: the sound effects and music are done well. they fit in and don't get too annoying.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: this game suffers from providing an innovative game in a nice environment with entertaining gameplay ... the problem is simply that there's not enough of all that good stuff. you can get through the game in less than 10 hours and after that there's little replay value. but the fact that what the developers did, they did right deserves some credit.

Gameplay: it can be very addictive. racing around the city, crashing into vehicles, smashing though malls etc ... the controls are easy to get used to. the missions are easy to understand and accomplish (some will take a few attempts) you will need to use shortcuts as much as possible

Graphics: stunning for the time it was released. since then, there has been a few games to surpass this one, but it's still better than most. you can see damage effects on the cars, the building glass reflects amazing, everything was done great.

Audio: i really didn't like the audio. the crashes were done pretty well, but the music wasn't what i wanted to hear.

Suggestions: allow us to roam the city, GTA style, without the time limit. multiplayer and co-op modes. more cities. allow the music to be changed in the cars via the radio or let us play our own music.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

Overall: there is a wide variety of tricks to pull of if you can get by some of the downfalls. first, there's nothing really new and innovative in the game. second, the physics try to be realistic but aren't. third, controls are terrible, and finally there are some glitches throughout the game. i don't think this series will ever come close to challenging tony hawk for gameplay, innovation, and gameplay.

Gameplay: the controls are sketchy. some times you'll be pushing forward, but he'll start peddaling backward. when turning in mid-air, some times you'll stick a landing when there's no way you should (front tire is sideways) and othertimes you'll crash a perfect landing; not bvery consisent. but other than that, quite a bit of area to explore and plenty of tricks.

Graphics: faces look decent; environment looks pretty well; don't notice much problems, but it's no where near the top of the line that the Xbox can push.

Audio: average soundtrack; has it's good parts and bad parts.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Arctic Thunder

Overall: like the x-box addict staff review says "it doesn't have a deep story" , "things on the screen get blurry" , and "visuals not up to xbox standards". i'll add to that by saying there's no innovation in this game, the levels are too easy (just get the speed power-ups and you win), and the sound and audio are nothing great.

Gameplay: racing games should really tick to cars. these off-shoots of other vehicles are never done well. the gameplay is simple, hold down the gas and pick up the speed power-ups.

Graphics: possibly the best part of this game, but still nothing great. anything extra that's added in is lost due to the speed of the game.

Audio: if you like the old-skool arcade style, then the sound is good. there's little voice and explosion sound.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: good quality game that is fun and exiting. games like this are much more fun to play with friends than "party" games like Cel Damage and Fuzion. the key is that this is not a real hockey sim. it's 3 on 3 intense action.

Gameplay: fun to play with friends. the action is fast paced and challenging. the fighting is great, like the old-skool days. plays like NFL Blitz.

Graphics: everything looks good, the ice and crowds and everything else looks as realistic as a game like this can.

Audio: at times the announcers are good, at times bad, but the action sounds always seem to fit. nothing better than hearing the wail of the siren after a well deserved goal !!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Nascar Thunder 2002

Overall: this is definately for the NASCAR obsessed fan. the game feels real, looks real, and plays pretty real. however, not being a big NASCAR or racing-genre fan,i'll bring a little more objectivity into the rating. the game is tough, takes hours to get used to, and needs some NASCAR knowledge; all of which I don't want to spend the time to do.

Gameplay: this is as close as you'll get to running a 700 horsepower car at 190 miles per hour. the racing, the competitiveness, and the adrenaline factor all seemed to fit into place. this is a very addictive game if you allow it to be.

Graphics: everything looked nice and polished. the sun glaring, the crowd cheering, other cars passing, real damage effects; very nice job.

Audio: crank up the stereo and it sounds like you're watching a race on Sunday. crashes seemed a little played down though.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Mad Dash Racing

Overall: this is another one of those games that people are giving way too high of scores to. it's an average racer, with less than average sound and graphics yet some people like throwing 5's out like a mall Santa giving out 50 cent coupons.

Gameplay: it is fun for a while. but it's just animals running. at least some of the mario titles you can drive and fly. the mad dash and mad bash are just coy names for power-ups and these are pretty ineffective. some of the controls (climbing) are just plain bad. this title gets old really quick and it's in an over-stocked genre so it'll be forgotten soon.

Graphics: a bit below average. you really don't look at them when you're racing, but if you stop and look around, everything seems pieced together and rushed.

Audio: below average. there's very limited sound when racingl you'll be better off with the stereo on and you won't miss out on anything.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Azurik: Rise of Perathia

Overall: this game is good, but i must balance out the over scoring from everyone else. i would give it a 2 or a 2.5 (maybe even as high as a 3) but way too many people are giving this a 4.5 or 5. BE OBJECTIVE PEOPLE!! high scores should only be for near-perfect games where everyone can see the quality. anyway, this is a nice action/adventure game but doesn't do anything to warrant a high score.

Gameplay: the controls are easy enough to get use-to. the "battle engine" is simple, 1 button for a straight attack, 1 button for a swing attack. the dificulty comes from using the elements. usiing the right element combo will quickly defeat opponents, but this isn't always needed, since you're never really overwhelmed with enemies. a big drawback is the camera issues, sometimes it controls itself, other time you need to do it, but a lot of the time it's not in the best place.

Graphics: there's nice use of color from time to time, some of ther darker levels, seem gloomy, but that's only cause the game never really shows much detail. the backgrounds all seem to run together; it almost feels like 2d until you run into an enemy.

Audio: i don't even remember any background sound/soundtrack so it can't be that good. the attack sounds all sounded similar and canned.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: abe made a mice transition to the 3rd dimension. this is definately a unique platformer, but a platformer none the less. you still have to jump, run, and collect items. but they added a nice little twist with the ability to control munch. and as with past oddword titles, there's definately more mental challenges than with the average platformer. the biggest benefit of the game is the challenges, but those aren't enough to overcome the downside - NO replay value !!

Gameplay: this is the shining capstone of the game. you need to think about your next move constantly. weather you are going to possess an enemy, sneak, swim, or just plain run. the ever-present switches, buttons, and crates are around, but the "soda machines" and other gadgets are nice additions.

Graphics: it looks better is this version than the last, part due to the 3d and part to the power of the xbox, but still these are just standard. the tones are pretty plain, the environment is not that immersive (like elder scrolls) and the overall looked isn't that polished (like Halo).

Audio: good, but still average. mines explode with a boom. munch swimming sounds realistic, abe sneaking sounds a little too cartoony. most other background noises are easilly forgotten.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: this is the ultimate party game, right? wrong !! it's like a game boy game that somehow jumped to a console. if you want to have a multiplayer party, get Halo, Unreal, Ghost Recon, Medal of Honor ... if you want same screen muliplayer get Hunter or BG. and for everyone that rated this high: the rating system completely breaks down if bad games like this get a 4 and great games get a 4.5 or 5; you gotta use the entire scale !!

Gameplay: this may be the games only redeeming quality. there are over 40 mini-games that are unique from any other game you'll play. however, a majority of them aren't fun and you won't play more than once. the rest suffer too much from the video and audio sound to constantly play.

Graphics: i don't think the development team put a whole lot of time in here. this is just standard graphics. a lot of games suffer from the lack of a real 3rd dimension. you'll think you're close to an object, but you're not, this is part of the gameplay problem too.

Audio: annoying!! the announcer is terrible, sounds like some richard dawson wanna be. the music is not rememberable at all and the sound effects are almost non-existant

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Cel Damage

Overall: it's a good smash-em-up title that accomplishes little else. drive your cartoon character over a "special weapon" box and hunt down other players to smash them to bits; then do it again. gets tiresome quickly.

Gameplay: it's starts out good. it's fast paced with plenty of action and things to look at. however, this doesn't last. it's non-stop repetitive action again and again and again ... the speed initially is a little fast, but after a few runs you get used to it, then after a few more it's actually slow and you find yourself winning easily. no AI adjustments depending on your gameplay. basically smash, smash, smash. there are way better games out there that do this genre a lot better.

Graphics: the cartoon look is done fairly well; but still holds way to much of the 2-d feel. background images are pixelated and fuzzy. other cartoons too often blend into the background and makes it difficult to lock in on them.

Audio: while not spectacular, it does make you feel like your sitting in front of the tv on saturday morning watching an actual cartoon. but it does get annoying after a little while.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: medium appeal - it is extremely fun at the start, but does get repetitive. but big guns on fast boats - it's a wet waterworld dream.

Gameplay: they needed to change up the pace every once in a while - it's basically speed up to get some baddies, shoot up, get the boxes after they explode, the race to the next spot. on the other hand - incredible water physics !!

Graphics: water doesn't look as good as halo or morrowind, but it's acceptable. other than that it's nothing special.

Audio: absolutely nothing here.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Airforce Delta Storm

Overall: it sounded like a great idea - a competitor for ace combat on the ps2, but it flopped hard and left disappointment everywhere.

Gameplay: the idea of flying jets around and blowing everything up is great, but not when you have to do that over and over and over and over and over and over.

Graphics: the water and airplanes and ground look video-game good, but not realistic. compared to the gameplay and sound however, this is the one shining spot of the game

Audio: is that a jet flying on my tv or a law mower; very un-realistic sound. look to top gun for some inspiration.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 4x4 Evo 2

Overall: the overall appeal of racing trucks that don't tip over is a life long dream of ... 'no one'. this game is good being a 2 minute demo and that's it.

Gameplay: it's great to race similar tracks in similar trucks with average graphics and average repetitive music; oh wait, no it's not.

Graphics: it's great to race similar tracks in similar trucks with average graphics and average repetitive music; oh wait, no it's not.

Audio: it's great to race similar tracks in similar trucks with average graphics and average repetitive music; oh wait, no it's not.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Fifa World Cup 2002

Overall: sports games are certainly a great part of console gaming; it's like visiting the stadiums, watching games and being able to control the action. this game is no different - it's complete fun without having to pay $10 for a beer.

Gameplay: it was fun to play for a while, kept my attention longer than most games (by the way i have A.D.D.) the numerous countries you could play added to the appeal

Graphics: pretty stunning actually - it won't win any awards for it, but looked realistic.

Audio: could use some help here, i didn't get the feeling that a bunch of hooligans were getting ready to storm the field and start a brawl which a soccer game should make you feel.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: i just started playing this, it's been buried behind the countless other great games that are out for the box, but it looks and plays nice and has some great potential. i love the creativity they've added to the gameplay.

Gameplay: this game gets all the style points possible. like mike salmon's run on the OXM disc. it's kept me interested thus far.

Graphics: looks stunning, one of the greatest visual racing games 'OF ALL TIME'. RalliSport Challenge just edges it out, but the cars, cities, ... are so amazing.

Audio: like most games, this doesn't get the attention it deserves, but it's improved all lot in the last few years. there's nothing special here, but nothing bad either.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: this game is pure energy. there's never a slowdown in action. you're constantly shootng up everyone in sight, running around like a madman, and yelling at your buddies for assistance. The four person play works perfect in this game.

Gameplay: It's a straight shoot-em-up from a 3rd person view that you can play with three friends; but it's also very challenging!! it will keep you entertained for weeks and months on end.

Graphics: looks great. it's realistic but also has that arcade game look. everything's polished up and there's lots of details.

Audio: the soundtrack could have a few more songs, but it gets you energized when it needs to.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: it's simple - if you loked the previous tony hawk games, you'll love this one. it's enough of the same to bring you back and enough different to challenge you.

Gameplay: There's no better way to review this than the X-box addict staff review - so go read it.

Graphics: There's no better way to review this than the X-box addict staff review - so go read it.

Audio: There's no better way to review this than the X-box addict staff review - so go read it.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: There's a lot of good-detailed reviews for this game, especially the X-box staff review, so I'll just stick with saying that this game is fun to play and looks awesome.

Gameplay: All of the tracks are fun to play and most are original. It's exactly what rallisport is all about. It's total immersion.

Graphics: One of the greatest on the Box. In fact, one of the greatest 'OF ALL TIME'.

Audio: Good sound - it works perfectly with the visuals and gameplay.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Star Wars: Starfighter - Special Edition

Overall: i was gonna wait until i finished this game to review it, but i stopped playing it 2 or 3 months ago and can't bring myself to start it up again. and i don't think there's anything specific about it that makes it unplayable, but there's definately nothing good here.

Gameplay: it's lacking. you never really care about the characters or what the missions are. some of the bonus goals are almost impossible (example: you have to take out all the other ships, like 20 on one level, but you have an ally and they always shoot down one or two). the ships you fly aren't anything special.

Graphics: lucas usually has some good graphics, and they're alright in this game.

Audio: just average run-of-mill star wars stuff here.

Suggestions: Repeat whatever you did in TIE Fighter - that was the best Star Wars game to date!!!!!!!!!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: First, the bad spots. bullets don't look or travel well. the aut-aim function can be harmful at times (you can turn it off, but aiming with the crosshairs takes forever!!)
now, the positives. the driving parts of the game are a nice additios. the multiplayer is similar to past bonds, the added bots are great (there needs to be more than 3 though) when you find the right difficulty setting. the game can be easily beat on the easy setting, but you'll have to play each level over to gain enough points to get a gold medal (this will unlock a weapon and the platinum medal level) if you beat the platinum medal score you can unlock multiplayer options and levels. overall, this game is a good time-filler for fps fans and bond fans, but most others won't like it.

Gameplay: if you choose, controller set-up #2, it plays like halo. the challenges in each level are appropriate, they seem to get a little more difficult each level. the mix of fps and driving is done well. however, most of your time should be spent in multiplayer.

Graphics: the driving levels are the best graphics in the game; there's not anything extremely bad or good about the other levels. the bond girls are nicely done :)

Audio: the bond soundtrack can get a little tiring; the bullets and explosions seem life-like, but this is probably the area most lacking in the game.

Suggestions: for bullet physics, take some time to study Halo.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: It's nice that the game stays as close to realty as possible. Not quite as fun as snowboarding in real life, but close. Basically, you follow a boarder through their career, moving on to #1. Microsoft has really put together a great game.

Gameplay: It doesn't take a lot of time to learn the controls, but it does take a while to learn the hard tricks - grabs can be a little challenging. It's nice that there's different things to do - points, media points, roaming, pro challenges...

Graphics: wow! every part of every mountain that you can see is detailed completey, the carving of the snow, the trees, sun glares..., everything looks awesome.

Audio: the music is acceptable - the amount of music that's included is great, other games could learn from this.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2002

Overall: Madden and EA continue to bring realism, excitement, and fun to gaming. This is the football game that continually innovates. Everything is included in this game: create a team and create a player, single game, single season, and franchise modes, trading cards, hidden/secret teams and stadiums, drafts, play challenges, awesome instant replay... the list goes on and on. Overall, this game is way better than that cheesy kids game (fever).

Gameplay: I don't think I need to go into much detail considering this is a football game. The players are detailed perfectly, and the action never stops with the 30 season franchise mode. The training option is a nice addition along with the multitude of options that Madden always packs in.

Graphics: Although this is the greatest looking football game, there still are some issues. EA still seems to have problems with tackles, parts of players seem to occupy the same space as other players. The players move, act, and think like a human player would. This is by far the point that outshines fever.

Audio: The hits, crowds, and play calling are all excellently done. Sounds just like you're watching a game on Sunday. The issues come in the form of: 1) the pseudo-rap song that always is playing during menu options. 2) Madden and Summerall saying stuff that don't relate to the current play (sometime's it the exact opposite)

Suggestions: Include the option of playing your own music. Improve the announcers/play calling.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: Silent Hill is definately a niche game. This game is part egy and part horrer, but overall wasn't enough of either. It did both parts well, but is definately short (it'll take about 10 hours to beat) and could use a few new strategy tricks. This game is meant to be played with all the lights low, the sound high and the spookiness cranked to 11. If you're in this mindset, the game can be very scary. There are times when James enters some alternate-reality or dream world; these are never explained or introduced effectively (some say this adds to the game, but I found it confusing) The overall mystery of Silent Hill is never really explained well and the ending will leave you with just as many questions as answers; perhaps Konami is leaving an opening for another installment. Overall, the developers did a great job and you actually want to help James find his wife.

Gameplay: Yes, the controls are tricky, but the ever-changing camera angles and not always knowing whats ahead of you certainly adds to the experience. I love the fog effect, it really adds to the gameplay. Playing as Maria is also a nice addition, and fills in some of the holes left by the main game. The game path is probably the sticking point of the game. Basically it's layed out for you: if you find a key for room #312, then go there. Another major issue is that the environment isn't very interactive. You can't try to open windows or doors outside, you can't pick-up or move items that aren't part of the layed-out game path. Another problem is the actual 'problem/solving' aspect, it could definately use an improvement and additional difficulty for future games like this.

Graphics: Exceptional. There are 2 viewing options in the game depending on if the noise-filter is turned on or not. Without it, the screen displays a grainy effect which adds to the creepiness and looks like an old movie. The other way is extremely stunning.

Audio: The sound is slightly above average. Nothing great or nothing terrible to report here. The character's voices are some times annoying (mostly Eddie); the monster sounds are decent, and the radio 'warning' definately helps in some parts. The greatest sound comes from gunshots and weapon attacks.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: I wanted my voice heard, so I'm just gonna fill the obvious stuff: Halo is the X-box signature game (hopefully series) and lives up to all the hype. The realistic feature of limiting the amount of weapons to carry and the innovative feature of shield regenerating vs. health regenerating is a nice addition to the FPS genre. Multiplayer is the best out there!

Gameplay: The controls are easy to get use to and nice to have when the action starts to heat up. The storyline and 'secrets' revealed in later missions were done well.

Graphics: Anything that was done outside was perfection. The sun, water, and earth effects were incredible... and we can all agree the inside levels (especially on the alien ships) were visully good, but repetitive, non-innovative, and annoying.

Audio: Great sound. If you listen, you can hear your bullets hit the ground (and roll if you're on an incline). You can often hear the covenant troops talking or grunting.

Suggestions: Make a sequel, but improve the graphics on levels that are inside.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: This game brought a nice twist to FPS's with the bullet time and interesting story. Each chapter does a nice job of telling part of the story and revealing the next challenge for Max. The storyboards between action was also a nice twist. Max's tone and sarcastic wit reminded me of Garrett, for those of you familiar with the PC Thief series. I thought the save opportunites were great, save whenever, wherever, and any amount of times. The interaction with the environment was done well, but wasn't complete. Overall, the game is a must-buy.

Gameplay: The controls felt comfortable and the interaction with the environment is pretty well done. Max can open cupboards and drawers, turn off and on faucets, tvs, radios, even vibrating beds! However, the reason that some doors could be opened and some windows could be broken/opened while others looked painted on was a little disappointing. Using and switching between weapons was done well. The training section takes a few minutes to run through and really gets you prepared for the game.

Graphics: The game is visually stunning. In bullet time, you can see bullets creeping by you and the path the leave behind; bullets shot at walls or other objects actually stay; explosions look and sound realistic; the person profiles also seem realistic.

Audio: One of the great parts of the game is received by listening to the 'bad guys' chat. Sneaking up to a corner and listening to a few mobsters fills in a lot of the story and sometimes you'll hear some juicy secrets. But, this is a shooter and the sounds of gunfire and bodies dropping to the ground are extremely realistic. With the dolby surround on, I had no trouble hearing where others were.

Suggestions: Make a sequel that takes full advantage of the power of the X-box. (and leave out the dream sequences !! ) (and include as many multiplayer maps as you can !!)

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: not for the sports enthusiast. this was more like a fantasy game. example - throughout a season i had a running back average 12.5 yds/carry. terrible defensive AI. I actually had to let the CPU teams score about 20-30 points to make the game interesting enough - to see if I could catch up. Overall, this is just a poor man's Madden.

Gameplay: Sure, it's got single game, season, franchise modes, and trading cards, but that's all been done before, where's the innovation? It gets some points, just for being a football game.

Graphics: I haven't figured out why people think this is good. When moving a linebacker pre-snap, they look like mummies, just letting their arms hang; and the players look like their chests have been stretched an extra foot or two or their legs shrank. terrible. now check out Madden; perfect player proportions, players move all parts of their body and move in response to the pressure you place on the analaog stick.

Audio: i'll admit, this commentary is better than Madden's, but it still stinks. The sound is for hits are average.

Suggestions: Make it more like real NFL games, this was like a fantasy world.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10

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