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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: Girls in bikinis with one of the BEST graphics to date. i dont know about the gameplay i havnt been much into it, the volleyball action seems a bit.... arcady, maybe its just the thirdparty controller i'm using... anyways clear graphics with chicks in bikinis on an island with no other guy, and you play minigames and buy things. woo multiplayer is on this game too!!!

Gameplay: the controls for the volleyball play is smooth, its not as deep as a true volleyball game like more configurations, but its ok, it gets repittive tho, so i suggest play against your friends in multiplay to keep it fresh, you get to purchase items and wrap it and give it to somebody, you get to view your player (heh good times) and you play mini games like pool hopping, and casino games, altho playin and winnin in the casino is extremely easy...

Graphics: i would love to give it a 10 out of 5, but the max i can put is 5 :(
crystal clear animations. body movements are flawless, boobs shake, sand gets tossed around when they play on it, and sharp with no jagged edges anywhere i can find.

Audio: custom sound tracks!! it sounds good on 5.1 speakers as well, although you dont really need good sound to play this game, but i can say that the sounds are good.

Suggestions: make it harder to win money at casinos, offer more clothing or items, i know there are plenty of clothes and items, but you cant go wrong with more stuff right? umm everything else is good, you got yourself a pot of gold with this game. keep up the good work

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Note: this game is not a must buy, you can always wait for it to go cheap... read on the review to find out why... although the price is very good, 50 bucks for 2. GTA 3 and vice city... so its not a bad deal when you buy now, i bought it for 50 bucks and i dont feel that dissappointed.

Killing, hookers, drugs, stealing cars, runnin from cops, yeah live a criminals life. This game is like real life (explained in gameplay section). overall when you combine free roam with guns and cars, nothing gets better than that. but i gotta admit it gets repititive....
also there is a few part of the game where it lags...

Gameplay: This game is based on real life, well at least i assume it does. you get to steal cars, buy guns, run from cops, shoot the cops :) , pick up hookers, kill people, ride monorails subway whatever... there are bosses who you work for. thats where you get your main missions, and also there are PLENTY of side missions, including racing against other cars, killing, stealing cars, blah blah blah, it has variety, but not enough to make it not repititive... great gameplay, although i feel like it lacks something... it needs a bigger punch to it, maybe something like MULTIPLAYER!! sheesh i always wanted this kind of game to be multiplayer enabled... ah well i cant mark it down for not having it..

BTW when you drive from island to island it doesnt load as long as it does on ps2. woo! unfortunately, there is a few spots when it rains where it lags... it lags mostly when it rains and when you are in a mutlilevel parking area (well in GTA 3, i dont know about vice city...)

Graphics: the graphics are not xbox graphics, well at least its better than ps2 graphics, the cars shine, and they dont shine when you scratch it, pedestrians look more 3d than on ps2... lighting sucks, shadows are just circles... rain effects look more real than in splinter cell, there is fog, sun and all that good stuff, theres a good amount of blood, and codes to make it even bloodier. not too shabby for a game like this. good job

Audio: oh boy, the sounds are so fake, well all the cars engine sounds the same, except bigger cars have louder engines than smaller cars, i say make more variety! the crashing is ok, you can hear the differences between when you crash your car or just scraped it, car skids sounds are nice, voice acting is sooooo fake, unreal, better voice acting next time.

Suggestions: as always, i want multiplayer on this game... i know its hard to do maybe even impossible, but try harder especially on the graphics!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: well you have 6 characters to choose from i believe, i cant remember rightnow, but around that much, there are about 42 mini games that are very competitive, from button mashing to game to have at a party. what i really like about this game is you can join when you want to in a middle of a mini game or quit and let the computer take over. its so convenient

Gameplay: you have about 40 mini games to play against the computer or your freinds etc. up to 4 playeres, and there is team play sometimes.

Graphics: i thought the graphics on character models and environments were very smooth and i couldnt find any jagged areas. water looks cool

Audio: sounds are great, you hear the shouts from the characters clearly and the announcer, also the sound effects are original to me

Suggestions: not much, just add more mini games for more fun!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Shenmue 2

Overall: (Before i say anything, go and buy this game ESPECIALLY when its 20 dollars or lower. i got mine for 15 bucks, which is one hella of a deal for this game.)

Many things. You have some freedom to walk around and find clues leading to yuandha zhu, he knows who killed Ryo's father, which is your objective to avenge your fahters death. Along the way, you can talk, play games, gamble, jobs, etc. branching story, but still linear. i heard the ending sucked, but i'm not there yet. great game overall

Gameplay: as i said before, you as Ryo Hazuki, you go find clues to find yuandha zhu who knows why Lan Di killed your father. Along the way you get to gamble with MANY small games, slots, side games from side streets, and you can go to the arcades to play old Sega games. you talk to people and ask them different questions and you can follow them too with lock on system. you get to fight sometimes. arm wrestle, you get to go get a job and work, and you get to mess around if you dont want to go along with the story. there is QT Action Key, its where you are in a cut scene and you push the right buttons for Ryo to do the right moves in order to continue, very fun.

Graphics: Graphics are soo horrible. well for xbox standards, but i gotta admit, the miscellanous items and objects, like chairs, fountains, boxes, etc are Well done. it really shows when you are doing the QT action keys. Graphics should be much better next time.

Audio: sounds are great, i think the voicing is good, but it should be with more ethusiasm, and the mouth movements are soo fake... but everything else is fine

Suggestions: add mor varieties such as more differnt games to gamble and add ALOT and i mean ALOT of side quests. it contributes to more outside life of secondary characters and more hours of gameplay. up the graphics a bit. eerything is fine from here on out, good job, and MAKE SHENMUE 3 ON XBOX TOO!!!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Crimson Sea

Overall: Action when enemies around. and there are millions of those enemies. rpg elements included, and pretty good story, but i dont suggest buying this game if you plan to play this for weeks... rent it is best in my opinion... by the way, the camera angles might fool you a little, but after a couple levels you wont mind it anymore, its just the way the game is built

Gameplay: not too shabby. theres training sessions and you buy different weaps by gaining these weird looking coins, you can buy upgrades to put on your weapon of choice and you can raise up the experience lvl of the weapons, basicly its simple... you go around killing things, but along the way you have tasks to complete like go check out this area, escort blah blah... you get the picture

Graphics: eh i'm not too good judging graphics... but i must say, graphics in this game arent bad, although they coulda fix it up a bit, so i give it a 4

Audio: i think this game sucked on the sounds. but thats cuz my crappy speakers maybe, but add better game music next time.

Suggestions: make the game a little longer. fix the camera angles if possible, no need to, but its a better treat for us xboxers

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Midtown Madness 3

Overall: well i have to say, they did a fine job on this game, although there are some problems...

first of the problems is too short of single player, multiplyaer sucks, except for xbox live. nice variety of vehicles, well planned out courses, great graphics and fun.

this game is well made, but it could of been better if they didnt rely on xbox live too much,

if you like this game, buy it for xbox live, otherwise, rent it or buy it for 30 bucks or cheaper

Gameplay: you have blitz, checkpoint, and careers mode, and cruise too.

blitz if i can remember right, is you race against computer controlled cars and win against them. checkpoint is getting to checkpoints in time, careers is story mode, and cruise is well... cruising around the cities.

Graphics: excellent graphics, but the people look sooo fake, roads, buidlings, trees, shrubs, are good, water is ok, but not the best.

Audio: the sound effects on each vehicle are different, you get sound effects on eveyrthing you hit, ok music

Suggestions: make more in game single player missions, and allow 4 multilayer action instead of 2, gets boring and makes the game less valued.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Overall: funny story, but good old ps2 port. its fun, but dont match up to my expectations. you sneak aruond with a radar, i dont like that, plus the camera is fixed!! i hate this the most. although you got lots and lots of items and guns in your inventory. cinematics are really long, but they are rewarding, some of them are good like when ocelot steals ray, and when vamp kills the soldiers.

Lots of VR missions, i mean lots, and there are unlockables like infinite ammo bandana, and more, there is Snake Tales now. graphics arent too good, but the facial expressions are excellent

Gameplay: you have goals to complete so you sneak around to get those things done, on the way you get to hide in boxes and use knocking on walls to distract people(not included in splinter cell) you can lie against the floor to move, and collect doggy tags. Lots of VR missions and other extra missions included

Graphics: bad graphics, rain looks cool, reflections off the mirrors and on the grounds are WELL done. facial features on people are really good too, especially when they show there expressions, body movements are more life like.

Audio: hmm i didnt pay much attention to it, but you cant hear the footsteps as well as in splinter cell, you can hear so-so gun shooting, and the voicing is very good

Suggestions: why not include snake skateboarding in xbox version?!!?

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Arctic Thunder

Overall: This game is a pick up and play arcady game. Its fun when you first play it, but after a while, it seems a little empty

Gameplay: There are nice variety of "power-ups" and you can attack each other while obstacles are in your way. you do all this while racing to the finish line

Graphics: well i'm not really a good candidate for judging graphics because to me all games almost look the same in the graphics department, its just that some games have better graphics not worse. so i'm giving it a 4.0

Audio: sounds are pretty good. the sounds of weaps and attacks. the scenary noises also makes this game great. but like i said it seems like its lacking something...

Suggestions: nothing except add better sound effects and add more weapons to use. other than that, well done game

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: i dont know much abuot this game cuz i just bought it and played it for a few hours, but from what i can say is that this game is TIGHT!! great graphics, i also love the songs. for me the tricks are hard to do (as usual for sports)

Gameplay: well not much to say, but you just go and snowboard around and you do good, you unlock sponsor ships and get further into the game.

Graphics: very very nicely done here. the graphics are soo.... smoooth. the trees are ok, but the snow and the snowboarder looks too good.

Audio: eh i dont know much, i dont hear too much sounds, but i like the music they put into this game. But i think they coulda done a bit better on some sound effects...(maybe i need new speakers)

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: BEST game!!!!!! i loved it! action packed all the way. enemy aliens screaming and you runnin and gunnin. perfect music. i still love the music they put in halo. graphics top notch and sounds are excellent along with perfect no errors control

Gameplay: well after playing on and on and on, seems like its run and gun kind of game. but there are plenty of challenges you have to face like controling vehicles, using varieties of guns to eliminate the covenant.

Graphics: Very good graphics. smooth and silky. whenever i use the plasma rifle, i always look how shiny the gun looks...

Audio: guns all sound different, sound effects such as explosion are good. music is probably one of the best in video games... well they give you that kind of adrenaline for more action and shooting.

Suggestions: well sometimes i get lonely, and i cant play multiplayer when i want too, so i think you should add some bots. other than that! you just struck gold

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: Fun... when you first beat it in 3 hours... yes this game is extremely short, but at least it was fun for all 3 hours. dont waste 50 bucks for this game like i did... its worth 15 bucks.

Gameplay: you have mission based goals to complete, missions are different and not the same, but once the car hits a wall, its not realistic, it justs stops and sometimes you get stuck

Graphics: I might be one of the few people who think this game graphics are really good. cars reflect, neon lights glow at night during one of the missions, but the people look FAKE. i dont think they have faces if you look closer

Audio: very bad in this department... car sounds fake. they all have the same car screeches, they all have no sound effects when it strikes a wall... i dont know what to say, but this part stinks. this includes the crappy songs they give you

Suggestions: TOO SHORT. add more levels, and multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fix sounds, and seems like this game has been rushed. please take your time on your other games that you make.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 BloodRayne

Overall: bloody!! i love this game, lots of action when enemies around, and also nice moves too, very fun but seems a little repeititve

Gameplay: you go and fight these nazis who are trying to collect relics and use them to dominate the world... i think... but you get to use your long blades and slice body parts off!! and you have slow motion moves and blood rage attacks!

Graphics: graphics arent too good, seems like ps2 kind of graphics, but the character model of bloodrayne was kinda good

Audio: well... the sounds of the guns all seem kind empty, but good enough for action packed pace. i think they need to amplify the sound effects a little bit more

Suggestions: have more variety in it... its kinda repititive after a while, but the blood and body parts flying everywhere is nice! other than that good job, and i cant wait for bloodrayne 2!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: omg, this game is the best i have ever played, well maybe except for Halo. but the graphics are so GOOD. Gameplay seems too short in my opinion. sound was great also, and the controls were silky smooth. Buy this game!!

Gameplay: I think it is a bit too short, but thank goodness for downloadable content. so i'm keepin this category a 5. nice story tooo

Graphics: Great shadows, lighting, realism. everything in this game looks good!! the shadows in this game is what really made me go wow.

Audio: good sounds, you can hear things around you pretty clearly, and the music fits the situation you are in too. but it is pretty quiet most of the game...

Suggestions: somehow make a multiplayer option? if possible

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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