Dynasty Warriors 3 (Original Xbox) by KOEI Corporation

Dynasty Warriors 3 (Xbox) by KOEI Corporation Box Art

Japanese Name: Shin Sangokumusou 2

North Amercian Release Date: September 24, 2002.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe, Japan

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p
System Link Support: No

Average Overall Score:
8.00 / 10

Ok first, it's cool but after a while, you will get like boring, just to destroy the same and exactly guards around you. A renting is what i suggest and maybe bring some friends to challenge with or you will get tired of this one very fast."

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Battle your way through vast stages and against impossible odds, all while keeping your eye on the intense battlefield conditions. You must employ proper strategy in several modes of play if you plan to survive the deadly world of Dynasty Warriors 3.


Friday, December 17, 2004

Cheat Codes

      Secret ending:
Enter the options screen from the main menu and select the "opening edit" option. Highlight the "replay" selection, Then hold Left trigger and Right trigger, then press A.
      BGM Test option:
at the main menu,press Left,White, Y, Right, White, Black, X, Y. You should hear a sound if done correctly
      Opening Edit:
at the main menu,press X, Black, Y,White, Left, Right, White(x2). a sound will play if done correctly
      All Shu Generals:
at the main menu, press WHITE, BLACK, X, Y, WHITE, Right, Left, BLACK. You will hear a sound if entered correctly.

User Reviews

Score: 80
Overall User Average: 8.08 / 10 (80.0%)
Gameplay User Average: 8.17 / 10
Graphics User Average: 8.00 / 10
Sound User Average: 7.50 / 10
Date reviewed: October 25, 2003.

Overall: Dynasty Warriors 3 is a cross between a hack and slash and an epic war game. You control one of over 40 officers as you wage war through Chinese history.
Gameplay: The gameplay is so repetitive, but just so much fun. You will either love or you will hate this game. All levels (except maybe one or two) have you doing the exact same thing. The game though gets you so involved into the storys of these characters that it is just so hard to stop playing. This game probably got well over 20 hours from me. You can play as so many characters and each time you play a battle you try something a little different hoping that maybe one general will survive or that your army fights extra well. The game has so many things to collect that it just drew me in for so long. The controls are simple and easy, one button for normal attack, one for strong attack, one for special, and one for jump. You can even ride horses and elephants.
Graphics: The visuals are pretty average, but since the environments are so wide open, its good for what appears on screen, like over 1,000 enemies rushing at you.
Sound: Sound is very bad. The voice overs are just abnoxious and I preferred to put everything in Japanese, which turned out good.
Suggestions: More options during gameplay.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 70 %

Lord Vivic
Date reviewed: October 14, 2003.

Overall: It is an excelent game One of the best i've played.With Dynasty Warriors 4 coming out I will have even more fun !
Gameplay: The gameplay is pritty good, but on free mode it gets a littly to easy after a while.I've seen Dynasty Warriors 4 and I just got my hopes built up AGAIN.
Graphics: The graphice of the game could be better but the upgraded version is supposed to be better,I can not wait until it comes out
Sound: Sound seems so realistic but the characters kind of over exajerate their expressions a little to much
Suggestions: Instead of increasing the # of bodyguards you have as you build up your character you should be able to build up an army instead.....like Kessen

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Megaherz *RAGE*
Date reviewed: March 18, 2003.

Overall: The history of Dynasty Warriors 3 is connected to a book which is called Romance
Of The Three Kingdoms and which was also a source of inspiration for the develloper.
Finally if i want to explain the story of this game, i must make a
brief summarize of this book.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a book with a long and
impressive history. Nevertheless, this novel concerning
the history of 1800 years ago and still acknowledged
as a literary masterpiece today. The novel covers one hundred
and thirteen years of Chinese history, starting in 168 A.D.
and ending with the reunification of the land in 280 A.D.
Three Kingdoms describes a fascinating dynastic-cycle: the
fall of the Han Dynasty under Emperor Ling due to the
Yellow Scarves rebellion, the division of the Empire
into the three kingdoms Shu, Wei, and Wu and the
reunification of the empire by the Jin Dynasty.
The first eighty chapters of the novel are dedicated
to the reign of the last Han Emperor, Xian (A.D. 189-220).
It describes in detail the crisis that causes the end of a
four-hundred years dynasty. The Cao family replaced the
ruling house of the Liu eventually, when Cao Pi forced the
abdication of Emperor Xian.
The last forty chapters deal with the division of the land into the
Three Kingdoms or Three Dynasties. We call this the Sanguo period in
Chinese. This period ended when the house of Jin finally united the land.
The first sentence of the novel explains the aforementioned Dynastic Cycle:
The Empire, long divided, must unite: long united, must divide. The recording
of this history starts when Chen Shou (a scholar of the late Sanguo period)
compiled the biographies of officers and rulers into three books. This amazing
piece of work, Sanguo Zhi (SGZ), literally means Records of Three Kingdoms.
Ninety years after Chen Shou?s death, an official of both the Eastern Jin and
Liu-Song Dynasties named Pei Songzhi added a large amount of notes to Chen Shou?s
original work. The notes (Zhu) came from hundreds of different sources. Some
officials said he added too many notes, but with the permission of the Liu-Song
Emperor, Pei Zhongzhi continued his work. The authenticity of the notes remained
unclear; the Liu-Song Emperor criticized Pei Zhongzhi for this, and said his work
had occasional mistakes due to neglect.
In conclusion, Dynasty Warriors 3 offers nothing spectacular but i have a little weakness
from his gameplay because i like everything that combine war and strategy.
Gameplay: In Dynasty Warriors 3, you must press X to fight at all cost, B for your muscou attack,
Y for a special attack and A to jump. Also the left trigger recenter the camera which
allow the player to strafe and the right trigger is to change your view to after use your bow.
Finally, you can change your map style by pressing the black button on your controller.
One of the positive part is probably when you engage a battle againt another kingdoms and you are
submerged by the immense battlefield with so much men that you can't count them. There is so much action
in this game that it is unbeliavable, just imagine that fifty warriors can battle with you in a single fight
when much more are fighting in other place. Don't hesitate to take an officer horse if you want to run away
from any battle or to be in time for another one.
Naturally to win the game, you need to kill the master general that will cause a decipitation of the army
who has been vanquished. In theory, you could run through the battlefield and kill him, but it's not that easy.
The supreme general is protected by their guard who are heavily graded and when his army see you near to your
ultimate target, they will converged to this point and kill you in about ten second. The true strategy is to
kill the gate's keeper so there will not have any reinforcement, kill his master generals to increase your character
and in the same time you must protect your general and your army.
The Artificial intelligent can be good or otherwise really bad because sometimes your team, after you kill a
general, converged into a fort to kill the rest of the retired army or sometimes they are in a battle and nobody
is fighting, they just stay there and hack a couple of times when they are ready.
Another strong point is when you must manage your hero, in fact you can assign to him some bodyguard, who
can defend or attack and on this menu you can change the character skin to amazone, knight, archer or to heavy
graded soldier. Also you can see the whole battle map before beginning, so you can plan some sort of strategy
but for only yourself. You can also hear a prologue of the battle and change your weapon or equipment. However,
the badnest point is that you can't plan any strategy for your army, all seem to be decided randomly or by how you
proceed to do the level. Also some battle engine like catapult, battle ram or ladder to climb the wall of some
fortress will have been really cool.
The only thing who seem to get wrong with the character is every movement, muscou attack or
special attack look the same for every character, so it doesn't matter who you take or in
which clan you are.
A game with so much action couldn't have been so great without any multiplayer and this why they probably add
a cooperative mod and some deathmatch posibility. Imagine, you can fight with a friends through the entire story
back to back in the most fearest battle ever been created or prove who's the best at war and with his sword.
Seem great and it's, but it could have been better than ever if when somebody die in the cooperative,
the match wasn't over.
All this stuff goes with, of course, the multiplayer, moscou ( story mod ), two challenge, free for all
( four versus four where only generals can fight ) and a really complex option.
To conclude this part, i must say that there is nothing so much spectacular in the gameplay and even if
it isn't great, i like it.
Graphics: The visual is always really smooth but considering that the draw distance
doesn't go further that the end of your nose, that the soldier can appear
or disapear in front of you, that the environment seem to be not alive with
only a crate here and another over there, and that the texture are really fuzzy
with misses colors or details, i can't give a better score than it deserves.
After that, we could ask ourself about what kind of rotted visual we can see on the
playstation two because it supposed to be a direct port from it. The videos were
quite bad too because they didn't even explain the story and they are too short.
Sound: This is the first time i saw the different between a dolby digital game than
one with a sterio sound. How it could sound like this, look like i put my home theater
on the old 70's radio mod. Now i really understand why people are looking
for this feature on their game. The language were also bad because there are
in chinese or in english, so they are in a way incomprehensible or really
does not go with the Chinese history or culture. At least with got the subtitle which
make a great combination.
Suggestions: Really, you must work on the visual at all cost, after you should rebuilt the
sound from the start and adjust some details with the gameplay.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 40 %
Sound: 60 %

Date reviewed: December 3, 2002.

Overall: OMG what a stupid game; lame gameplay, unmatched repetition of boredom. Horrible level designs, average character models, ok music, pathetic sound effects.
Gameplay: Total repetition, button masher, stay away from me, this game is a not even rent game, it's that lame. You have to be at most 13 to actually think this is any fun.
Graphics: Total crap, utterly a joke, no XBox features what so ever, this looks like Quake 1, but with swords and lots more bad guys.
Sound: Meh, nothing special, i suggest that you cover your ears, or else you are bound to get hearing loss, due to the 'nothing special sound effects' the music is music...
Suggestions: Don't even rent this game unless you are at most 13 years old.

Overall: 30 %
Gameplay: 40 %
Graphics: 40 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: December 2, 2002.

Overall: one of the best game ever made
i play the first second and third of this game and thay all rock.
a must have on all console if they got it.
Gameplay: one of the inprovemnt in this one to the last one is that there is hips more charactor to choose from and real historical charactors.
like the second one the battle field are huge and really show how battle are fight.
Graphics: very good graphic looks freaking mad when charging in to a hug enermy army with ur battle horse. wat i've always wanting to do hahaaa.
Sound: well the only weak part in the game is the sound it's not realistic enough. abit cartoonlish. they should make it more bloody like sound of slising ur blade in to flesh and crushing of bones. just like to real battle.
Suggestions: yeah make anothe one of it

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: October 24, 2002.

If you like strategy and action, this game offers a great balance and depth.
Instead of just non-stop fighting games like DOA, this is more interesting with fights on battlefields that is more than just "which buttons do I push faster". Highly Recommended!
Gameplay: With numerous characters and battlefields, this game offers much depth and replay value.
The use of different characters, items and battlefields makes the entire game addicting.
Graphics: This game looks great, although not spectacular. The gameplay is what makes this game shine out.
Because this is a PS2 port, etc. it isn't that remarkable, and the "added XBOX extras" is not a big deal.
Sound: Sound is okay, with nice fighting sounds;
The speaking is okay, with decent but not great voice acting.
Suggestions: Make Dynasty Warriors 4 soon! AND please utilize the power of the XBOX and not settle for PS2 graphics...

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: October 8, 2002.

Overall: I never really got into the game because it seemed too repetative to me. I dind't see much opportunity for strategy.
Gameplay: Slash, hack, slash hordes of people. The combat didn't seem very realistic. You can get surrounded by 30 guys and kill them all by madly mashing the buttons.
Graphics: Nothing really outstanding here. In the distance all you can see is grey fog. I'd prefer to see an actual background.
Sound: I liked the theme music but got sick of hearing the "ya ya ya" every time I attacked.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 60 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: October 6, 2002.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great and I love the constant action. Controls are very easy to learn.
Graphics: Graphics are A+ material this game is truly great like its ps2 brother...
Sound: Sound is great and battle music is superb.
Suggestions: Make a sequel

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: September 30, 2002.

Overall: The Overall for this game is gotta be addictable.This is a 2 player game for the ages.Fighting all those enemys and the nice selection of pepole.If your a person who has a friend over all the time purchase this game right now!
Gameplay: The Controls are very smooth.Gameplay falls right under that smooth i mean it my slow down a little but nonthing to mess u up.But I give the slowdown the benefit of a doubt ,because of the multiple numbers of ppl on the screen at the same time.
Graphics: The Graphics are not to diffrent from the PS2 version but it does have diffrence.Things seem a little clearer.But the xbox version does have new stages and clothes.
Sound: The sound there I mean there is to much to expect. But the xbox version does have 5.1 Dolby so it does sound nice with a surrond system.
Suggestions: This is a nice peace of work u have here.The only thing u should add for a part 4 is system link.4 pepole 2 xboxs linked =1 of the best titles of all times.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 90 %

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