Sega GT 2002 (Original Xbox) by Sega

Sega GT 2002 (Xbox) by Sega Box Art

Xbox 360 backwards Compatible

North Amercian Release Date: September 3, 2002.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe, Japan

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p
Widescreen Supported (16:9): Yes
Average Overall Score:
8.61 / 10

In the tradition of the previous GT series this one does not dissapoint. A slew of cars to buy, sell, tweek and collect. Great new Garage section to enshrine your racing prowess, and a solid control scheme puts this racer at the upper end of the XBOX library."

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Prepare for the definitive car racing simulation. SEGA GT 2002 features more than 125 current and classic high performance vehicles, created using exact handling and performance specifications from their real life counterparts. With astounding vehicle control, incredibly deep gameplay, and multiple modes to conquer, SEGA GT 2002 is one of the most realistic driving experiences available!


Sunday, June 2, 2002
Wednesday, January 9, 2002
Wednesday, October 17, 2001

User Reviews

Score: 86
Overall User Average: 8.60 / 10 (86.1%)
Gameplay User Average: 8.64 / 10
Graphics User Average: 8.52 / 10
Sound User Average: 8.51 / 10
Xbox Masta 4
Date reviewed: August 28, 2005.

Overall: Overall the game is fun. I really enjoy playing this game. I think they need to make the races more realistic, and if they have more tracks and even more cars it would be great. If you are into graphics this game is great just at that.
Gameplay: Gameplay, let's just say is ok. Cars don't seem like they perform 'realistic' or as they should do. Maybe they should make the gameplay as good as the graphics.
Graphics: Graphics are great, there really isn't anything bad about it. Graphics truely make this game a fun game.
Sound: Sound isn't the best thing on the game either. However, custom soundtrack is enabled. Which is totally awesome!
Suggestions: Make it so the cars perform realistically. Also have the next one enabled to be on Xbox Live, not a seperate package. More tracks, and better sounding cars would also make this game better.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: March 8, 2004.

Overall: An awesome racing game to rival PGR1. (but not 2) The SegaGT mode is really long and Ive had this game for 1 and a half years and I'm not even Halfway through it.(or maybe I just suck.) But anyway, Its really addictive and a great buy.
Gameplay: The cars don't seem to go that fast but the controls are smooth and The cool thing is that you can decorate your garage. But once again Its really hard and Ive been trying to get my S licence for 6 months and I still have to cut 1.5 seconds off my time.
Graphics: Wow!!!!! The best graphics ive ever seen! The cars look so good you could almost swear that they are real. I hate going in an afternoon race because the sun gets in my eyes. Thats how real it is!!
Sound: pretty dull engine noises. But the custom soundtrack is the thing that makes me happy. The in-menu music is really cool too.
Suggestions: Make it easier and with way more tracks and make them realistic.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: December 27, 2003.

Overall: Despite the fact that this game mean "Borrowed" the Gran Turismo engine, the game itself is pretty solid but not quit as solid as the Gran Turismo series. But Sega gt does have a fairly nice collection of cars, and even a few oldies thrown in to keep it interesting. And with the addition of modifying your cars, and even decorateing your own garage is a nice touch to any racing game.
Gameplay: The controls for this title hold up quit well compared to other racing games out there today, even compared to Gran Turismo. But all-in-all the only flaw i really, found in the gameplay was the earning of licences, because that in-itself actually mad me not enjoy the game as much due to the fact that it became very frustrating and long.
Graphics: The cars are nice and shiney, just like you would espect them to be, but the environments are broad and dull. But even with that being the case, its overall a fairly should i say this, "decent" looking game but nothing great to look at. But im feeling nice right now, so i geuss i should give the cars some credit because they are rather
Sound: Overall pretty solid, but could use some better tunes and engine effects. So Otherthan that the sound wasnt to bad but most definetly not good.
Suggestions: Next time, try and make a game with originality, instead of "borrowing" an engine from another racing title, like...lets say..Gran Turismo.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: December 24, 2003.

Overall: I really love cars. I tune cars and race on my free time so this is the game for me. Since we dont race in the winter, Sega gt 2002 keeps me well occupied.
Gameplay: Gameplay is solid on this one. Cars handle like their real life counterparts and I think Sega has really succeeded to make this very playable.
Graphics: I didnt think so highly of the graphics at first. But it kinda grows on you and at the moment I think that this game is most pleasing on the eye.
Sound: Bad! Shame on you for the music you have put in this game. The engines could have been sounding better. Cool though that all cars sound different.
Suggestions: If you make a 2003, please try and have better soundtrack and engine sounds.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 60 %

Date reviewed: December 22, 2003.

Overall: Quite a good game that sounds really godd and looks pretty decent. If you like changing parts of cars to make them better, to go faster and to make them look better, this game is for you, I loved it how there were so many cars and tracks to use and to race on. The cronicle mode is really good for fans of older cars.
Gameplay: Tons to do with lots of cars and different modes to keep you busy for a very long time, the only beef I have with the gameplay is the damage system isn't as good as other racing games, it is very hard to win and get enough money to buy a half-decent car, and sometimes when I was racing an automatic car the gears would get stuck switching between 1 and 2, and you couldn't stop them from doing it.
Graphics: Quite a nice looking game, not really pushing anything but they do the job, it would have been better if when you started going really fast the screen started to blur or something like that, because you didn't feel as though you were going very fast.
Sound: Everything is in place here, a custom soundtrack always does the job, the car noises are great and all fit in to place.
Suggestions: Make it look a bit better, make it faster and a bit easier. With a better racing experience.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: December 18, 2003.

Overall: I thought the game was good.I manly bought it because of Jet Set Radio, but I had played Sega Gt before and I thought it was an ok game. The visuals are good, espcially the way the cars look in the shop. I only got about 12 cars in my garage so far.
Gameplay: The gameplay is good but it sucks that you cant use your car to get your licsens, and that you cant play in diffrent tracks after 999 days.
Graphics: The visuals are the best the cars look sweet especially the Charger,Camarro, & one of my favorites the Chevelle. Sometimes i just dont race and just look at the cars, (mainly because my fatass dosent want to get up and walk 4 feet to turn it off.)
Sound: The sound is good but i dont really listen to it i just turn it off and put my own BGM.I listen to anything from rock to rap.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: December 1, 2003.

Overall: This is a great racing game with a large number of cars and well designed tracks. Anyone who is into more simulation over arcade feel will like this game. Single player is where its at while the multiplayer is only 2 player splitscreen.
Gameplay: The singler player career mode is awesome and the meat of the game. You start off with only $13,000 which only allows you to buy a lame car, but with some good driving you can earn enough money to buy a good car or unlock one. Then the game takes off and becomes incredibly addicting. You can modify the cars in certain areas like turbos, chips, suspension, and more. You unlock new modifications as well. The cars available are little heavy on the Japanese side and I would've liked to have had more American and European cars to choose from. The controls are very tight and responsive, probably the best controls I have experienced in a racer yet. The tracks are somewhat limited and I thought I would get tired of them but I actually think its a good thing because I find that it forces me to get better taking better lines and its a different experince depending the car your using. The rally track is cool but its the only one and does get old.
Graphics: The cars look fantastic with great lighting and high details. The replay really shows off the graphics engine and allows you to enjoy it more since your preoccupied when racing to really notice everything. The Framerate is rock solid with no slowdown whatsoever. I do have some dislikes though, the particle effects are nearly non existent, the driver has minimal animation. Overall a great looking game.
Sound: The engines sound awesome and differ between vehicles with a different sound in the car compared to using a 3rd person view. User soundtracks are supported.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: November 5, 2003.

Overall: Yeah I liked the idea and it was ok but it was way to easy and I was hoping this to be a competition to Gran Turismo.
Gameplay: The Garage was nice but for the most part it lacked in the actual racing. And I beat it in around 20 hours which was weak
Graphics: Great graphics but not much more then Gran Turismo. Looked realist enough but the Xbox could have done better.
Sound: Ok sound but it is hard to say. I did like loading my own sound track. That was a plus scince most games don't allow that.

Overall: 40 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 60 %

Date reviewed: November 5, 2003.

Overall: This is game overalll a great game to purchase if you like racing games. It is better than Project gotham and it has great graphics.
Gameplay: Gameplay was relatively easy anyone with co mmon sense will be able to figure out the controls. The frigging driving tests are so ahrd tho :(

Graphics: Graphics are amazing , they did a great job on this part. Very detail and clean i give it a 5
Sound: Sound is amazing too but i dont know or if their is already if we can rip songs on it and play our own songs. Overall it was great
Suggestions: Great job cant wait till sega gt online comes out soon

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: November 4, 2003.

Overall: I dont know why i bought this game as it gets boring and i end up playing halo.I dont think it comes any where near GT3.
Gameplay: The lisences are challenging but it needed more cars,customization and tracks.The idea of buying cars and slowly getting to the best is also good.
Graphics: The tracks, enviroments and cars are real enough and i personally think they could beat GT3 if they utilized the better platform to its potential.
Sound: The idea of making your own soundtracks was cool as is the tracks already provided.The sound effects need some improvement.
Suggestions: More cars,tracks,customization and weather.More modes could also be needed.You could have taken ideas from GT3.

Overall: 20 %
Gameplay: 60 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 70 %

Soul Redeemer
Date reviewed: November 4, 2003.

Overall: It's a pretty good game overall. Pretty good graphics, nice tracks, enough cars, and it's worth a rent. This game takes time to grow on you ..
Gameplay: Good gameplay so far I suppose. It's pretty easy to learn the controls. And it's easy to learn how to control the car.
Graphics: The graphics are actually quite nice. Beautiful tracks. The cars are nice too. From what I've seen this game is pretty realistic.
Sound: The sound is overall pretty nice. It all sounds very realistic and life-like. So I give it another 4.5 .
Suggestions: MORE CARS !!!!!!!!

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: November 3, 2003.

Overall: Overall its a pretty good racing game. It could have been better if there were more tracks, a wider variety of cars, and real time damage.
Gameplay: The racing is fun and the cars handle pretty well. I like how you can upgrade your cars. The cars are cool but there isnt a wide variety. Most are the same car just different models. It would have been nice if there were more tracks too because it gets boring after a while.
Graphics: The graphics are really nice. The cars and tracks are detailed and look good. The only improvement I would like to see is real time damage and more particle effects.
Sound: Engines sound realistic and the game features dolby digital 5.1 which is nice. I dont have any complaints about the sound.
Suggestions: Add more tracks, wider variety of cars, and real time damage and the game will be perfect.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: November 3, 2003.

Overall: There is a reason this game was put in a deal with the xbox. Nobody in their right mind would purchase it. Your options in this game are very limited. Race one of a dozen types of races, or get a licence. After getting a licence, your choices are racing those same races with faster cars, or getting the next license. After getting 3 licenses, you should be extremely bored. There is also an extreme lack of tracks. Sure there are quite a few cars, which can be upgraded, but thats all been done before. When competing with a game that was released several years before, the least you could do is make improvements on it. The race camera is a good idea, but who wants to save your race? And it creates too many menues to click through after each race. The best part of this game is the fact that you can play your own custom soundtrack. This is definately one game that belong in the microwave with power on high. You'll have a lot more fun with it there than with it in your xbox.
Gameplay: Lets see, very few options, very few tracks. The actual races arent that bad, unless youre broke, and your tires, brakes and suspension are shot, in which case you have people walking past you on the side of the road. This is probably a good thing, because you wont be able to make the turns going any faster. Maybe you would consider having to complete 5 races in this condition just to get enough money to repair your car fun, but I certainly dont.
Graphics: The graphics are their, but they cant save a game that just doesnt cut it.
Sound: See visual description, and replace graphics with sound.

Suggestions: Maybe you should go ask the developers of david beckhams soccer for gameboy for some help developing your next game.

Overall: 40 %
Gameplay: 30 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: October 30, 2003.

Overall: its a driving sim like gt3 but its kinda cooler and has tioghter controls and is very ADDICTIVE!, a good buy suppose

Gameplay: well its a racing sim, you earn cash, buy new cars, parts ect. but once you get a collection of cars and max them out the game gets LAME! like my lotus collection!
Graphics: GREAT! photo realistic cars and stuff, really cool, all the cars a mapped just right! better then PGR IMO
Sound: LAME....its so lame! the music just sucks, but the car sounds are very cool indeed. good thing i have my Fast and Furious soundtrack saved on to me xbox
Suggestions: online should be cool

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 60 %

Date reviewed: October 30, 2003.

Overall: The game is pretty good.Id have to agree with some members though it doesnt have that much variety and there are limited things you can do.
Gameplay: I like driving games that are handled realistically like this one. Its is really easy to get the hang f it.
Graphics: Visually this game takes the cake, i mean its just beautiful even in the opening movie i thought they were real cars its just astonishing.
Sound: Sound wise the game lacked, alot of the cars sound the same and the only car that has its own sound is the Ford GT Concept, which i might add sounds the best and is insanley fast.
Suggestions: Make more tracks available and more options for the upgrades on the cars...and for god sakes add some damage to the cars.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 70 %

Moon Man
Date reviewed: October 22, 2003.

Overall: Great racing game. This is the first X-Box game I really got in to. The controls are nice and simple and it is how I learned my way around the X-Box gamepad. The variety of cars you can race really makes the game. Everything from Toyotas to classic muscle cars to super cars. The game does get repetetive after a while because you do the same thing over and over so it is a nice game to play for a while then come back to. Due to its simplicity, I recommend it to anyone new to X-Box.
Gameplay: Race cars, win money, buy more cars. Nice, simple, to the point. I like that you can add goodies to your car and actually see the performance difference on the track. I just wish you could go back and buy the turbo because it disappears after the first time you customize your car or that you could buy engine balancing after you've added turbo. Other than that, game is great.
Graphics: Cars look great. Very realistic. Some of the photos you can take after the end of the race look almost real.
Sound: Sounds are good. Only trouble is most of the engines sould the same. Needs to have the deep, rumbling growl of an American V-8 and the high-pitched scream of a souped up Euro super car.
Suggestions: Develop an all muscle car version. Better engine sounds.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: October 22, 2003.

Overall: Lots and lots of cars. There are like hundreds! But I got stuck its sorta hard. I dunno why do I suck at these games!?!
Gameplay: Lots of cars! Fun racing. I need to make this 100 characters though so........ this is a cool game.
Graphics: Great graphics. Very good reflections. Places look so real. I love these graphics they rock. Good job sega.
Sound: Good sound play your own music. I love that. This is definately getting a 5 just for that fact. 1234
Suggestions: Make a really easy easy mode for us suckers.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Lord Vivic
Date reviewed: October 13, 2003.

Overall: The over all game play of this game is outstanding.I played for two weeks straight and I didn't even finish the game that tells you how big the game is.
Gameplay: The game play in this game just gets your emagineation.I love these game and it takes a while before I get bored of them.
Graphics: The visuals in this game blows your mind at times.I really like the fact that the guns have origional exsplosive impacts and ETC.
Sound: The sound is pritty good but there are games like this I have played that have better sound effects.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: May 2, 2003.

Overall: Great game!!! Although there are some rough spots to it. In one aspect you can see where it would be bundled yet again you'd have to scratch your head and say "why bundle such a great game"
Gameplay: Great game play. Although it seems you are given some help when driving through certain turns versus others. But it's addictive. Actually the best driving game for it's time since Pole Position and Night Driver for their respective times.
Graphics: A+++ Except for Damage. That's the only gripe I have with this game visually. I don't understand how you can go head on with cars and wall and such and not even smudge the paint job!!!
Sound: All sounds get a five from me except the engines. They all sound anemic to me except a few select cars. My favorite (Dodge Charger) sounds closer sounds closer to an Aries K rather than a muscle car. But other sounds seem on point. But the engine is the main sound of the game anyways.
Suggestions: Give the engine some better sounds and realistic damage in collisions and this would be a show-stopper. I guess it's a moot point to mention online capabilities since from what I understand it's already in the works. PS. Let those who own GT2002 get a patch for online capabilities with that game.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: April 13, 2003.

Overall: A great racing game for all racing fans out there. Hundreds of different cars, amazing graphics and great sound. SegaGT 2003 could have been longer though...a lot longer. In terms of GT3, there are hardly any races and not many tracks. It's possible to complete this game in about 15 hours. Still, don't let that get you down because SegaGT 2003 is a great game with a few minior flaws.
Gameplay: Simple enough that anybody could pickup this game and play it. Many different races to participate in however the SegaGT Championship mode is a bit short. License tests are pretty challenging but not impossible.
Graphics: The car models are absolutely beautiful. Tracks are well detailed however a minor annoyance is on some tracks the sun sets are blinding which is actually pretty realistic but it's annoying in real life too! When racing on some tracks you can see the heat rising from the asphalt although sometimes it seems a bit exhadurated.
What bothered me is the weather is always the same, the tracks you race on are always at the same time during the day. I would have loved to of seen different weather on different tracks and racing at different times of the day. Why didn't Sega include this? One track does feature racing at night and in the snow but as far as I can tell it's the only track like this. However you can take your car to the test track and it will be night time so you get a chance to see how realistically your headlights reflect off of other objects such as the road, street cones and the walls.
Sound: The sound is pretty average. Engines sound realistic, surround sound works great however some of the sound effects such as your tires skidding on the track are very generic.
I personally didn't like the music included in the game however there is an option to load custom soundtracks which I made a lot of use of. One thing I did notice though is when you load a custom soundtrack and save your game and restart the system, it goes back to the default SegaGT soundtrack. Not a real problem since you can change music in the options menu or in the middle of a race by pausing the game and pressing Y. Sega could have done a better job in the sound department.
Suggestions: Weather effects, different times of the day to race, better sound effects and more races. The championship mode only has about 20 or so races and then after that and completing the few event races, there really isn't much left to do.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: January 19, 2003.

Overall: I don't usually like racing games, but this one is pretty !&%$@#* good. Its not an action racer, like NFS:Hot Pursuit, its more like a racing management game. I had fun playing it and have still not yet sold my very fast '71 Z78 Camaro...
Gameplay: I'm going to use this space to get across something that's been bothering me. I read reviews for a lot of games, and scores for good games are always negated by retards who know nothing about the game they are reviewing(you can tell because they don't explain anything about it) and call it bad. I'm sure its prolly a bunch of queers that own PS2s, and are prolly just jealous cause the found out what an old man Playstation really is. The only thing that helps them sleep at night is GTA III, and, OH YEA, its comin out in 2004!
Graphics: The graphics are amazing, I think this game should be called a sim just cause the graphics are so true to life. Car damage would make this game more realistic, but I don't know how I'd react if i saw a scratch on my Lexus...
Sound: The game music is kinda crappy, but using ripped songs makes it ok. The car and engine noises are good.
Suggestions: Realistic car damage, not a meter. And for God's sake, it took me two months to get a class B liscense-make it easier!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: January 6, 2003.

Overall: The game has a lot of really nice features. Its almost exactly like Gran Tourismo3 but for X Box and not quite so in depth. But buy it, its awsome. By far the best racing game for X-Box and i should know.
Gameplay: The game is awesome. You get to buy cars, mod them, and cusomize your garage. The game has everthing that Test Drive and Project Gotham have been lacking. Although with a fully loaded Lotus Exsige the game is way too easy.
Graphics: The graphics are really good there is no blank background in the distance on straight aways and the cars look really good.
Sound: The music is really lacking with only a ten song soundtrack i am glad i can use my own music but the cars sound awsome. i love listening to the turbos spool up and the blow-off valves. Every car has its own distinct sound. So a peugot doesn't sound like a Mustang.
Suggestions: MORE CARS!!! More cars can only make this game better besides that it is perfect. i was surprised i could draft up on cars. the only gother game you can do that on is GT3 for PS2.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

LoKi InSaNe
Date reviewed: January 4, 2003.

Overall: Great Raceing game, The best since GT3. With a few more features witch i really like. The trophie and pictures mode just gives it that little bit more realism.
Gameplay: Gameplay is great, its hard witch makes it even more better, the car handlings are awsome and realistic.
Graphics: The visuals of course are almost as good as they could get for a raceing game, and the replays are smooth as can be.
Sound: The sound could maybe be a little better but still good, a custome soundtrack should be available, i'm useually so comsentrated on raceing though i dont think i would use it much
Suggestions: i think maybe a few more tracks should be added and lots of rim choices would be nice,,,,,,but all in all its good

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: December 30, 2002.

Overall: If your a GT fan, then you should absolutely not miss out on this one. Good GT mode, great car visuals and realistic racing make Sega GT 2k2 a really great game. Although Its not as good as GT3 its still a good competitor. The chronical mode is a nice idea and improves the lastability of the game even more. Its guaranteed this one will keep you occupied for months on end.
Gameplay: Fun, fast paced yet realistic racing is what this is all about. ALthough it can get REALLY hard at the higher seasons, it just means you need alot of racing skill in this game. The damage system is a good idea to prevent cheating like oh so many do in the GT series and rewards you well for making a clean race, it can get a bit frustrating since the computer cars will hit you due to their bad drivind and your the one who faces the penalties. Theres alot of different types of races which helps keep the game fresh. The vehicles are well diversified although somewhat limited in the amount of car manufacturers. I think what it needed were more tracks and more weather variety. Oh yeah, AND I COULDNT BARE THE F*CKEN LOADING TIMES IN THE MENU'S!!!.
Graphics: The cars themselves look fantastic, near photorealistic. The scenery is not bad but what really looks like garbarge are the trackside spectators. I would rather they didnt put any at all then put those stupidly fake cardboard cut outs all over the place, it was obvious they couldnt be bothered in that department.
Sound: Great sounding vehicles, it echoes when you go through a tunnel and all that business which is good. The music wasnt anything special, some of the tunes sounded a bit like !&%$@#* music.
Suggestions: Do anything you can to get rid of those !&%$@#* loading times in the menu..USE THE DAM HARD DRIVE!! when you're flicking in and out it can get highly frustrating to have to wait for medicre looking menu's. I swear the menu loading took even longer than the racing track loading.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: December 21, 2002.

Overall: Although this game is sweet and sour, I'd say that it's an enjoyable experience and a worthy purchase for any of the racing sims fans out there. Great visuals, good driving/handling controls and TONS of things that will keep you coming back for some more.
Gameplay: Compared with the previous Sega GT for the Dreamcast, I can say that the controls and handling of the cars have been improved greatly, and obviously the graphics too. The "virtual" damage (there are no real car damage models) system is what really makes this game challenging. Like in the real world, you will find yourself chasing the $ signs, and since doing "perfect" (no damage whatsoever) is both lucrative and difficult, expect to have to retry some races a few times. What the circuits themselves lack in numbers they make up in quality: the tracks are beautiful and piloting your fully modified, 600hp monster will demand a great deal of concentration.
My real beef is with the AI cars: it seems totally unaware of your presence. How many times did I manage to slip between two cars (alway being careful not to register any damage to my ride) only to have an AI car ram me as if it was blind.. And if you feel like taking revenge on them, you will be able to notice the also ridiculous colision model: apparently a car can't lift off of it's 4 wheels in Sega GT...
The unlockable cars and add-on parts serve as a good motivation for racing some more.
Graphics: Higly detailed car model, awesome sun glare effects and textures.... everything is shinny (too much?), gorgeous and runs smoooooooth!
Sound: Nothing really special here, the motor sounds help the pull you in the game. At first I though the music was horribly cheesy, but I got used to it (plus you can select your own soundtrack which is always appreciated).
Suggestions: FIX THE F*CKING LOADING TIME BETWEEN THE MENUS. This issue is a real PAIN in the arse, plus the menus themselves are nothing great and certainly not on level with the quality of the game. More technical details on the cars would be appreciated. Other than that, get to work on the next Sega GT!

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 80 %

Sam Fisher
Date reviewed: December 19, 2002.

Overall: this game is amazizng screw everyone else who thinks differant i loved it. buy,buy worth ur money
Suggestions: keep up tha gud work

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: December 16, 2002.

Overall: When i first picked this game up i thought it was the best racing game i've ever played but after playing for a while a started to lose interest
Gameplay: Very realistic handling better then games that you can go around a corner doing 200 like some games i've played.
Graphics: Very good graphics maybe some better looking track setting there all very similar not bad but good be better.
Sound: Not the best soundtrack but you can put your own soundtracks on i think most games should have this.
Suggestions: Where are the options of changing weather conditions

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: November 18, 2002.

Overall: This game is superb! It can be tricky when you are starting out with the lower cars, but after some races and more cash in the bank you can start upgrading and that's where the fun really begins.

The cars are realistic and drive wonderfully well. If you are a seasoned race sim vet you're going to feel right at home with this game right away. It basically delivers in the areas Project Gotham couldn't. Put away your tedious Kudos tests folks, this game is about RACING!

Excellent long term appeal and if you are a fan of the genre you'd do well to check this game out. I highly recommend you take more than a 5 minute test drive before making up your mind because once you get into it, this is addiction city. There's always just one more car or one more part to get and next thing you know it's 4 in the morning.

An extremely playable driving sim and arguably the best on the Xbox to date.
Gameplay: The first few stages of gameplay can be tricky for the novice. You start with only just enough money to buy a basic street car and you need to really work from there to make your money.

The racing is fast and furious and the cars handle very realistically which can be a good or bad thing, depending on what style of gameplay you like.

Whilst there are 'only' 125 cars in the game and 15 different tracks, the game has a surprising large amount of depth and you will still be still playing this game for months to come. You can race the main Sega GT Tournament Season or any number of 'event' races which range from mixed road races, maker specific races and even drag racing over the quarter mile. Brilliant stuff! For an added twist, the game also includes Chronical mode where you get to race through the ages from the 60s to present using only the cars of that era. If you are an older gamer like myself, the nostalgia value of this aspect of the game lends it some great appeal.

The ability to modify your machines from a suburban sleeper to a racing beast is there in abundance and whilst the game doesn't quite have as many tweaks as Grand Tourismo series, what it lacks in variety it certainly makes up for in quality.

This is a niche game. If you are a fan of Grand Tourismo style games you will love this for sure. It's sheer class and while a few small minor improvements could be made, they don't necessarily need to be there to make this a polished and completely playable driving simulation game.
Graphics: The graphics in the game are masterful to say the least. Whilst they may not push the Xbox to it's limits, they really look fantastic and you'll often be hitting walls early on as you gawk at the scenery. From floating blimps to the cameras flashing in the crowd as you scream by the game is all about atmosphere. Sure, it's a mere 15 tracks... but it's 15 very high quality tracks at that and you won't get bored with them any time soon, they really look superb!

The cars themselves are master pieces. They look so realistic driving around the track you'd be forgiven for thinking it was the real deal. The camera control on the replays rocks the house down and you can even save entire race replays to your hard disk for later playback! The replays scream to be watched and once you can sit back and relax, you'll notice the outstanding graphics for what they are.

The game also never misses a beat no matter what's happening on the screen. It's a smooth 60fps at all times. Magic.

Lastly, something must be said for the special effects. They really look amazing! From the heat shimmer on the road to the skid marks and dust and motion blur, the game really looks the part as you scream through it.

The only downer is the lack of actual visual car damage. The cars look as prestine as the day they left the showroom from start to finish no matter what you do to the cars, this is a shame.
Sound: The Sound is excellent. The cars all sound realistic and when you mod the car you can definitely hear the difference. Having a turbo kick in in a V8 is a truly satisfying experience! The Dolby pro does it's stuff nicely and if you are blessed with a rock hard surround sound system you are really in for a treat!

The background music sounds like stuff they made in house, with no recognizable tunes to hum along with like Project Gotham. Not a bad thing, but after PGR you tend to expect a little more from the background music.

But who cares when the action on the track sounds as good as this, eh?
Suggestions: Whilst the game is outstanding, there are some suggestions that could really make it 'king of the hill' for next time around :

- Get a visual damage model in place. You already have a damage indicator, why not go with the asthetics as well?

- Add some atmospheric conditions. Night racing, snow, rain. A varied environment to race on would be nice.

- Deepen the car pool. As an aussie I was ecstatic to see the Ford range, but noticed only a few of the cars there I was hoping to see. Some more research into overseas markets to see what cars they drive would definitely help the bottom line.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: November 16, 2002.

Overall: ok blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah
Gameplay: lack of drifting blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah
Graphics: blahblahblahblahblah
Sound: blahblahblahblahblah
Suggestions: to the person that said Add cool stuff like a wheel shop(maybe I didn't look) and add a feature to make it big or small(16 to 18 inch). Add a body shop(put stickers, window tint, spoiler shop)"

why would we make a rice game? this is supposed to be cool? please. we want fast cars not cars that look fast. lets put 18" wheels on a race car, good idea buddy. (sigh). if a customer want rice they would buy a honda.

make the game more realistic. more cars ie: vw gti 1.8t. add more german cars and the abilty to drift.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: November 5, 2002.

Overall: Looking at this and listening to all the hoopla before it came out would really have lead you to believe that this was going to be an extraordinary game, but I don't think it is. I mean, what game with 125 licensed cars doesn't sound good? But when you play, I think the biggest thing going against this is the graphics.
Gameplay: This is Mediocre. I think this is a pretty hard game, its hard to get anywhere. I have come to the conclusion that the only way I can have fun with this game is to put it on quick race mode and choose any car I want.
Graphics: This was very disappointing. I remember I purchased my xbox a couple of weeks before this came out and purchased Project Gotham. The associate said "are you sure you want project gotham, there is supposed to be a better game coming out". I didn't reconsider and I am glad I didn't. The biggest gripe I have is the graphics. The overall graphics aren't too bad, but what is the deal with the color? Everything is so washed out and unappealing.
Sound: To tell you the truth I can't remember how the sound is. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it and if I didn't gather anything about the sound by now then it must not be anything to spectacular.
Suggestions: Color, Color, Color. Where is it? The graphics look pretty decent but, its like constantly having the sun shining in your face and washing everything out, I don't get it. I would think you guys at sega are capable of more. What appeal does this have to the average gamer?

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 30 %
Sound: 50 %

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