Gauntlet Dark Legacy (Original Xbox) by Midway Home Entertainment

Gauntlet Dark Legacy (Xbox) by Midway Home Entertainment Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: April 23, 2002.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p
Widescreen Supported (16:9): No
System Link Support: No

Average Overall Score:
7.25 / 10

Midway seems to have perfected the idea of a mindless hack-and-slash game wit this title, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. The game is an adaptation of the Arcade/PS2/Gamecube title of the same name, and a continuation of the Gauntlet series. In Gauntlet, you play as one of the chosen warriors that have been given the task to kill the demon Skorne and send him back to the Underworld."

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Gauntlet Dark Legacy is the all-new iteration in the 3D "hack'n'slash" time-honored arcade classic Gauntlet franchise.

The revolutionary Gauntlet game design allows players to work as a team as they venture through eight dangerous worlds. One to four players can select one of eight different characters. Using force of arms and exotic magical powers, players vanquish creatures, search for treasure, evade traps, and embark on quests.

Special character-based power attacks, magic potions, stunning new power-ups and combination moves add to the well-schooled mayhem. The game save system allows players to transfer evolving characters from their own machine to a friend's to take on the dungeon together.


Friday, December 17, 2004

Cheat Codes

      Throw quicker
Enter QCKSHT as your name.
      Play as Wizard in Desert Garb
Enter DES700 as your name.
      Play as Waitress
Enter KAO292 as your name.
      Play as Summer
Enter SUM224 as your name.
      Play as Stick Figure with Baseball Cap
Enter KJH105 as your name.
      Play as Special Warrior
Enter CAS400 as your name.
      Play as Smiley-face Stick Figure
Enter STX222 as your name.
      Play as Sado-Masochist Dwarf
Enter NUD069 as your name.
      Play as Ninja
Enter TAK118 as your name.
      Play as Mohawked Stick Figure
Enter PNK666 as your name.
      Play as Guy with Baseball Bat
Enter CSS222 as your name.
      Play as Guy with a Head on a Staff
Enter DIB626 as your name.
      Play as Green Alien
Enter SKY100 as your name.
      Play as General
Enter MTN200 as your name.
      Play as Dwarf
Enter ICE600 as your name.
      Play as Dark Wizard
Enter GARM00 as your name.
      Play as Cheerleader
Enter CEL721 as your name.
      Play as Centurion
Enter BAT900 as your name.
      Play as blue/orange Valkyrie with bloody scythe
Enter TWN300 as your name.
      Play as Bald Wizard
Enter GARM99 as your name.
      Play as Bald Guy with Black Cape
Enter DARTHC as your name.
      Play as Bald Guy
Enter STG333 as your name.
      Play as a Warrior Rat
Enter RAT333 as your name.
      Play as a Quarterback
Enter RIZ721 as your name.
      Play as a Japanese Schoolgirl
Enter AYA555 as your name.
      Play as a guy with a mace
Enter ARV984 as your name.
      Permanent Super Shot with Crossbow
Enter SSHOTS as your name.
      Nine Keys and Nine Potions
Enter ALLFULL as your name.
      Enemies Shrink
Enter DELTA1 as your name.
      Constant X-Ray Vision
Enter PEEKIN as your name.
      Constant Turbo
Enter PURPLE as your name.
      Constant Invisibility
Enter 000000 as your name.
      10,000 gold
Enter 10000K as your name.

User Reviews

Score: 72
Overall User Average: 7.26 / 10 (72.5%)
Gameplay User Average: 7.17 / 10
Graphics User Average: 5.65 / 10
Sound User Average: 6.43 / 10
Date reviewed: June 24, 2004.

Overall: It is a great sequel to the previously released N64 version. It can keep you addicted for hours. Most would like it if they enjoyed the N64 version.
Gameplay: Great it will keep you right on playing. One minor detail is that it is too easy on one player that there is no real point to multiplayer. It needs to be more chalenging.
Graphics: Better than nothing I guess but is only a little better then the N64 version. I mean this is xbox come on it was made for good graphics!
Sound: Not good even with my Intec sound system which helps the sound it still lacks the sound quality I would like.
Suggestions: Sound sound sound. Also it needs to be a little more chalenging and graphics could use an upgrade.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: January 19, 2004.

Overall: Good game...its a little too much fantasy but its good for the ones wjo like action,Mythology, adventure and may think this game is easy but when you are pretty far you wanna kill yourself because its too hard.The ones Who like Diablo (1,2,exp) should like this game (i hate diablo but i like gdl)i reccomend it...AND IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO B IN THE WORST GAMES YOU IDIOTS!!!
Gameplay: God !&%$@#* you gotta play in team for this to be good,but if you are alone its much beter becuz as i remember... you can't go on in team (save your game)
Graphics: its not a game for adults...well actually what i mean is that an adult would not play all the time this game because its not in could i say it...the camera is too far so you can only see your character and his powers
like diablo 2
Sound: no sound... sometimes a little music but, this game is like the second(ps1 1st,n64 2nd, xb and ps2 and gc 3rd)like diablo 2 and expansion set: one day my nephew bought diablo expansion set and i asked ''whats the difference between 2 and exp set'' and he said ''more power-ups and characters''
Suggestions: Plese... if you are going to make another one please make sure that you will add more things than only characters or power-ups

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: December 15, 2003.

Overall: This is a great game if you're looking for some 4-player co-op action. You can spend hours cooperating, or stealing treasure and meat from your friends.
Gameplay: As your characters build experience, you will find yourself growing stronger and having better magic powers.
Graphics: The graphics aren't the greatest, but they work for the game. They are slightly cartoony, but realism isn't needed.
Sound: The sound is mediocre. You'll find yourself at first repeating the sounds of your character, and then wising he'd just shut up.

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 60 %

Date reviewed: November 6, 2003.

Overall: A hack & slach where you can team up to 4 people, you fight thousands of monsters while collecting Orbs,Runestones & Mirror Shards from bosses
Gameplay: Hack & slash through thousands of monsters. LV up,buy items,Activate a switch or two rinse and repeat. You'll get new costumes every 10 LVs. Tough is pretty found, but if you want to see all of the costumes you'll have to spend an eternity seeing that you'll have to clear the game with EVERY CHARACTER
Graphics: UGLY, possibly one of the worst graphics I have seen on a PS2 game, they are the same as those of the N64 all blocky and !&%$@#* y. On the other hand the framerate is solid, It has never shown signs of slowdown wich is pretty goo counting on all the monsters on screen.
Sound: The sound is pretty good. The music is the same as the one from the PS0 but some of them are Remixed versions. The voice is horrible tough its like the speakers of your TV are broken.
Suggestions: Make new dungeons! for Godssake those are the same from all the previous Gautlet games exept they have been

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: November 5, 2003.

Overall: The game is interesting if your into hack and slash. The game is very repititive and only really fun with 3 - 4 people.
Gameplay: The gameplay is smooth and fun. A great party title but more or less a souped up version of the N64's Gauntlet.
Graphics: Hideous. 64-bit graphics at best, and they tend to get glitchy and blocky after played for a few hours. Terrible, terrible.
Sound: Sound is O.K. but lost in the mindless slashing. Music? What Music? I don't hear music? Alls I hear is,"YOU HAVE FOUND A RUNESTONE!" or "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU NOW HAVE ENOUGH CRYSTALS TO ENTER THE REALM OF THIS GAME HAS NO MUSIC!"
Suggestions: Make visual, and audio improvements. More items. Maybe add spells? Sorry but magic potions isn't cuttin it. Also try 20 classes at the start with 20 more unlockables... Would make it awesome...

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 30 %
Sound: 40 %

Date reviewed: October 30, 2003.

Overall: Fun game if you like role playing games if your not big into them then you dont wanna buy this game.
Gameplay: Fun. A little hard at times and frustrating. takes some time to upgrade and lv up but other wise FUN.
Graphics: There not great but they are better than some other rpgs and there good enough for the game they could be better.
Sound: Aww. not that great could use some help. Not annoying sounds ok. i can live with it but could ask for more.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: September 14, 2003.

Overall: Gauntlet is an ok multiplayer game, which is how i played it, so i had fun. But it still sux. The gameplay is simplistic, with some strategy with the items, but it doesnt change much as you go through the game, and consequently gets old. The game has a plentiful amount of levels, characters, items, treasure and baddies. Too bad its pretty much hack mindlessly for hours. On the beasts you face, I can think of no truly standout moments. This series can end here, who really cares?
Gameplay: The different weapon itemss they came up with for using saves the gameplay from being completely mindless. Also the characters attack using the other players was good. A big problem is how your characters moves, SLOW, you cannot dodge melee attacks, and even long distance attacks are hard to avoid at times. You just power your way through. With all the different items and magic its easy to do.
Graphics: It looks like playstation game. I wonder if there is a gauntlet game out for ps? Weak, sad the choice to make no improvements at all to the game with the xbox power.
Sound: It was fine.
Suggestions: Hunter did it ALOT better, play that game and see where this kinda of gameplay can go.

Overall: 50 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 40 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: September 14, 2003.

Overall: Great arcade game. Pritty shaby graphics but overall I am a fan of Gauntlet games. Although it is real borring if you don't have a friend to play it with.
Gameplay: Sometimes control is nice but at times the camera changes and is very annoying. It is a easy to learn game though.
Graphics: Worst game graphics for Xbox i played with so far. Looks same as N64 graphics don't know why they didn't fix them up.
Sound: Not much to say about the sound. They try but at times sounds real weird and pritty stupid.
Suggestions: Good gameplay but graphics are same as N64.

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 40 %
Sound: 40 %

Date reviewed: October 23, 2002.

Overall: I have been a fan of Gauntlet games ever since they came out way back when. So this, in part, is why I give it such a high overall appeal rating. I really have enjoyed the Gauntlet series and this allows me to overlook the minor problems (yes it does have some problems) that this game has.
Gameplay: Gameplay is very simple. Hack 'n slash. But this is the way that all of the Gauntlet series has been, so I expected nothing more, nothing less. I do like the available features to build up your character with items/powerups and/or character skill bonuses with the treasure that you find. The gameplay depth has been increased over previous Gauntlet games in the fact that there actually is a goal (other than just reaching the end of the level or the ultimate level where the dragon awaits you, level 100) of collecting all of the runestones to open a gateway to the final boss. The puzzle depth could be a little better, but it is not too bad from the outset. One minor problem is on multiplayer, all of the characters kinda run each other over. You can be waiting for some spikes to go down and somebody comes in behind and pushes you into them. Another problem is, as others have mentioned, that when somebody lags behind, it can affect the rest of the characters playing as well. However, my biggest beef for problems is this. You can unlock secret characters (which I think was a big +), but when you unlock them, they are just level 1 instead of your current level. So if you change to a new, recently unlocked character, you have to start over again from the beginning. So when my lvl 32 Medusa unlocked the Falconess, in order to use her (the Falconess), I had to start over at lvl 1 again. I could not go to where I was fighting with the Medusa, because she would die too quickly. I suppose for replay value, this would help. However, I think once's this game's done, for me, it's done.
Graphics: I must agree with the majority of posts on this subject. The graphics could really have used some work. Too many times, developers make a game to work on all consoles and then port it out to all machines. Bad choice. Save some $$$ in manpower hours, but loose respect in the eyes of the gaming community. If the graphics would have been what they could have been on the Xbox, this game would have gotten far higher reviews, IMO. However, my love for the series allows me to overlook this problem and go on with the game. Hopefully, the ending sequence will be nicer that what I have seen so far.
Sound: Sound is actually pretty good. Now, true, there is not much to expect in the way of sound effects in a hack 'n slash kinda game. But the sounds do not get annoying and neither does the music. In fact, from time to time in multiplayer, I rather enjoy the comments from the players who just had a piece of fruit or treasure stolen from them by another player... "Hey, that was mine!" :)
Suggestions: Look at the list of problems listed and try to work on them for a new version. Take advantage of the Xbox's superior graphics and utilize them. So it may cost a little extra $$$ in post-game production, I think that in the end, you will sell more games and make more Gauntlet fans overall for this.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: July 29, 2002.

Overall: Mindless hashing!
Gameplay: I was hoping to do some multiplayer but didn't get the chance. Single player gets old fast. A very repetative game.
Graphics: Ouch. This game looks more 2d than 3d.
Sound: I thought the narrorator's voice was funny. It's aslways this booming megaphone sound.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 70 %

Megaherz *RAGE*
Date reviewed: July 6, 2002.

Overall: Hey everybody ! Want a hack and slash for the x-box gaming console ?
Finally, we got a another Gauntlet Legend because the one that was on Nintendo 64 was so popular that devellopper told to us that they will do a sequel. I was so exciting about a another 4 player hack and slash, its too cool for me man. Everybody here think that gauntlet is cheap with all the following part of the review but its totally false enough to kill a partially good game. First of all, what new and exciting in the new version : we got new kind of character with new power, new levels and possibly new story because i think its the same story. Some people also asked me : What is different between Hunter The Reckoning and Gauntlet Legend that make this game more fun ? Probably a ton of little thing like the levels your are, the exp you gain ( we know that we also have experience in Htr but you lose its at the end ) and i forget the best, Gauntlet is pretty much longer than htr.
Gameplay: Oh my god ! Its was so easy to play gauntlet legend : dark legacy that my cousin feel that was too boring because of that but trust me its not, i prefer a easy game to play and have fun than a very difficult game that make you frustated. But the game itself lose his credibility with nothing really new, ok they make a team power that make the game easier and more tactic but in fact its the same levels has the first one, also the same old character and of course the same gameplay ( edge or power ). In conclusion, to play gauntlet you just need to push the A and X buttons to attack, while the B is for defending yourself, the Y button is for magic ( potion ) and A&B together for the special blasting magic ! A another thing is that the angle of the camera is so bad that sometimes we fight ennemies that not in the screen, it's stupid but its probably because they don't increase it since the last and old version of the game.
Graphics: This part is where the game make me sad . I played a ton of game on x-box ( 27 ) and i saw graphic like test drive that look like ps1 or ps2 game but this one take part of the Nintendo 64 library, really they are so poor that you can saw the different between the version of n64 and the new x-box version. We can't see details, great character or something that look like good in the visual.
Sound: The track are always changing when your character are moving which is nice for we. In fact voices and music are ruling in that games, they are not better that our legend Halo : Combat Evolved and probably not one of the best but its original and make me satisfied.
Suggestions: Man we need better graphic and that game will be better than Hunter The Reckoning and also better view, but its a good work !

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 20 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: June 12, 2002.

Overall: True, the game is not very deep and the graphics are not very good but overall the game is fairly fun and you do not get bored fast. It is a blast to have friends over and play 4 player mode.
Gameplay: The gameplay is simple and fun. You get hooked on the simplicity very fast and it is addicting hacking and slashing through creative levels.
Graphics: The graphics stink. The levels are pretty nicely thought of if only the graphics were there this game would be nearly perfect.
Sound: The music is good and gets you hyped as you progress through the levels and that deep voice is really cool!
Suggestions: Use the x-box's superior capabilities for better graphics.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: June 3, 2002.

Overall: Not a bad game overall. The graphics and gameplay could use a little work (a lot in some cases) but this was a surprisingly addictive game. Four of us played it for 5 hours straight.
Gameplay: This game is very addictive, although not very indepth. you pretty much run all overthe place in one big cluster @#*@ trying to find the end of the board. If you don't stay with the group you get left behind and stuck in the corner of the screen while the monsters take free shots at you...but there's just something about it that makes you want to go further and beat the next board. I don't know what it is about the game.
Graphics: Not a whole lot to say here. For the layout of the game the graphics aren't bad, but by no means something to brag about. I don't know if it was my disc or not but one board had some major gliches in it. fire came out as a gray box and most of the board was filled with random flashing rectangles that obviously didn't belong there. If this is a glich in the game, they need to think about hiring a new QA team.
Sound: Like other reviews have noted, the sound is repetative. The orgasmic cries of the sourceress when she eats food is a bit un called for. Nothing special once again.
Suggestions: If you're going to develop a game for xbox...PUT SOME MORE WORK INTO IT!! So much wasted potential!

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: June 2, 2002.

Overall: The core of this game is the exact same thing as the NINTENDO 64 VERSION OF THIS GAME. Need I say anymore? Raed on.
Gameplay: Gauntlet has always been fun. It has absolutely no depth, you run into enemies to kill them, sometimes some strategy is required (mostly on bosses). The stages are long and there is a leveling system which is kind of fun. The game is deep even though the gameplay is not.
Graphics: Terrible. This a game where the poor graphics actually get in the way of the game. There is a bonus level where you are riding on a cloud collecting coins to unlock a secret character. Well the 3d is so bad that you can't line yourself up and the bonus level becomes neigh impossible.
Sound: The game actually has adrenaline pumping arcade sound, but it is washed out in the sea of mindless features.
Suggestions: Most arcade games play better than this one. Look at Hunter the Reckoning for a way to apply the Gauntlet formula.

Overall: 30 %
Gameplay: 60 %
Graphics: 20 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: May 30, 2002.

Overall: This game can be fun if you don't take it too seriously; personally I think that the old gauntlet is a better game than this version. I don't like many of the new special items and levels in this game; it seems that the developers went overboard on many inside jokes in the game, such as turning into an acid breathing chicken, or the level where you collect coins inside an office building. The original seriously stuck to a medieval setting, where this version frequently breaks this suspension of disbelief. The manual for this game contains errors and is inadequate. Most items collected in the game are not do !&%$@#* ented, you have to figure out what they do by activating them, it you can even see the item in your inventory.
Gameplay: Playing with more than one player is frustrating, frequently a character will be caught somewhere on the edge of the screen. The POV system needs to be improved; many times your character is fighting enemies that are right beside them but off of the edge of the screen. There are many bugs in this game, particularly with the inventory system, most items appear invisible or cannot be sold when they are collected. The magic statistic doesn't work well because you can't control what you see on the screen, the POV is fixed so at a point it becomes useless to increase this attribute any. Speed doesn't seem to do anything meaningful; a 100 point spread between two characters doesn't seem to cause any difference in movement on the screen. In the original gauntlet speed was very important because it was easy to move around, but in this version it isn't important because it is so hard to move through the terrain. The special abilities acquired at higher levels is a nice idea, but requires the use of a magic potion. It would have been nice to see these special abilities accessed in the same way that the special attacks are accessed instead of costing a potion. Why is there a two button combo required to execute the special attacks? Just pushing B by itself should execute this attack without interfering with game play whatsoever.
Graphics: The graphics are just awful for an xbox title, after playing Hunter the Reckoning you really notice how poor the graphics really are.
Sound: Many localized sounds are not faded in as you approach them, they are either on or off. Different types of footsteps sounds would have been nice.
Suggestions: A maximum stat of 999 is poor; this should not have been capped where it can be reach relatively quickly. Was there any Quality Assurance done on this game? Get rid of the lame office levels, super shot rifles, etc. If you want to include inside jokes, make them easter eggs instead. Fix the Point of View system or allow the players to control it somewhat. The magic and speed attributes are relatively weak, they need to be augmented. Have speed increase attack speed slightly and magic automatically cast a weaker magic shield plus attack enemies at higher levels. Offer a full heal potion in the shop. Have currently selected inventory items appear over the characters head with a hue corresponding to the characters color so that you can see what you are about to activate without having to read it.

Overall: 50 %
Gameplay: 40 %
Graphics: 30 %
Sound: 20 %

Date reviewed: May 29, 2002.

Overall: Gauntlet Dark Legacy is an improvement to the arcade gauntlet legends. You can play with up to 4 players on one screen adding to the hack and slash madness.
Gameplay: Gameplay is ok, its fun with your friends...kinda boring by yourself, Combos are cool, and there are plenty of levels and screts to go through, but once i beat it with my friends, i didn't feel like playing this game anymore so theres not much replay value in this game.
Graphics: ~Yuck~ Graphics are bad and old, it looks like Midway took the graphics from the old Gauntlet and just stuck it into this game. Graphics look bad compared to other games on xbox...but look good compared to Gauntlet Legends cause its still an improvement.
Sound: HMMM, sound is great when i first put it in, but then after a while, the sound/music just becomes old and fustrating at times.
Suggestions: Ya, make graphics and sound better, the multiplayer options is still good...somehow keeping all players on the same screen at once.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: May 25, 2002.

Overall: Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is a rehashed port of an old Playstation game. It is little more than that. Most of the appeal lies in the multiplayer action. After you get past that, there is not much to love.
Gameplay: The gameplay is fun at first, but it is the same old same old from past Gauntlet games. My wife and I played Gauntlet: Legends together on the old Playstation and this felt like the same game, only slower. I have a hard time finding words to describe gameplay appeal because there really isn't any. I guess the reason for this is that the game is basically the same as the old Gauntlet: Legends game with a few new levels and characters. To sum up the appeal of the's played out.
Graphics: The game looks decent. As decent as a port can look anyway. It is my opinion that Midway did very little to improve the game visually. The old Gauntlet: Legends looked just as good as this "next generation" game and played better. The visuals are not nearly up to par.
Sound: The sound is good. I have always liked the character voices and the background music of Gauntlet and since this is just a rehashed port, the sound is the same. The game would have benefited from in game Dolby 5.1. It actually may have that, but if it does it certainly doesn't stand out and I didn't pick up on it. I guess the developers were thinking, "If the gameplay sucks, why should we bother to do 5.1 surround?" Good point, but the sound is decent.
Suggestions: Get off your asses. Gauntlet was a premier title for multiplayer fighting, but you guys are running the same old story into the ground. One might compare you to the moneygrubbing whores at Electronic Arts if you continue to release rehashed ports with the same old gameplay and storyline. Come up with a fresh storyline to return Gauntlet to the forefront of multiplayer adventure.

Overall: 40 %
Gameplay: 40 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: May 20, 2002.

Overall: It's exactly what I expected - plus quite a bit more... The game is fluid, enjoyable for 4 players simultaneously, and has enough going on that one really doesn't get bored anytime soon. My favorite aspect of the game thus far is the inclusion of unlockable character classes throughout the game. While in the end they are all but the same as their parent classes, they bring a sort of uniqueness and prestige the character leveling.

The addition of scrolls throughout the game gives intuitive clues that keeps one from ever feeling they may have missed something. The movement of legendary items throughout the realm makes one think about the order in which they progress through the realms and which 'boss' enemies they attack and when. It's no longer just a straight line of pregression as Gauntlet : Legends was.

I may be in a minority on this, but I greatly enjoyed the inclusion of familiar realms that have been redone for the new game. It lends a sense of familiarity to the user the first time they sit down and run the game. The new levels adds some 'Oohs' and 'Aahs' as you travel through new realms - my favorite being the trippy Dream World.

One of the greatest aspects of this game is the ability to return to it time and again and find full enjoyment in doing so... This is a game that will keep me entertained for much time to come...

Gameplay: Fluid even with all 4 players and everyone triggering off massive attacks. Movement is much easier in two player mode than it is in single player mode as there are new visual angles to become accustomed to in the single-player version. Running down to progress often leads one into blind traps and ambushes, and while that may have been the intention - at times it does become annoying. Playing with two players a few paces apart removes this for the most part.
Graphics: The graphics are very well done and are unquestionably an upgrade from the previous installment of Gauntlet : Legends. The backgrounds have real life in this, as opposed to the still and lifeless landscapes present in the previous versions. On occasion there is so much going on you find yourself losing focus on the battles in front of you. Now don't get me wrong - this game is no Halo when it comes to crispness and detail - but Gauntlet was never meant to be... For what the game intends to be, the graphics are ideal.
Sound: The sound effects have become even better. Redundancy of character voice through the upgrade classes is the only thing that keeps this category from being perfect in my opinion. The background music is somewhat repetitive, but if one is playing an agressive game - you rarely hear it anyway.
Suggestions: Set real maximums on character's abilties or find a way to differ them. In the end it seems every character is the exact same thing as they all have 999 Abilities and 9999 Health. Right now the only real differentiation of the classes are the Turbo attacks and rate of fire once you've reached their potential.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: April 27, 2002.

Overall: This game is a fun multiplayer game i must say. visually it is not at all what the capabilities of the xbox can do. Me and my friends still had a lot of fun playin it. however it not to hard to beat with four players.
Gameplay: Fun i liked the game play a lot. it couldve been so much better with better graphics.
Graphics: this is where the game was hurting real bad. The graphics weren't great at all and it was easy to tell it was a port.
Sound: didn't really pay to much attention to this. It wasn't annoying or boring it kept the action going on so overall it wasn't bad.
Suggestions: Better Graphics..............

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 90 %

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7 Replies, 261515 Views

Important! I pay $ 1000! I search the Sweden launch and the Element 54 Faceplate
Post by Smill
3 Replies, 148152 Views

Squad Up
Post by samslophead
0 Replies, 251356 Views

TERA Skinned Xbox One X Giveaway!
Post by Variation-XBA
0 Replies, 177956 Views

Starfield Release expectations?
Post by DJ tx
4 Replies, 307292 Views

Issue with Xbox live on Xbox home
Post by rcmpayne
0 Replies, 166169 Views

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