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North Amercian Release Date: March 12, 2002.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p
Widescreen Supported (16:9): No
System Link Support: No

Average Overall Score:
6.81 / 10

Now, if you are my age (31), you have fond memories of playing Spy Hunter at your local arcade or on your "adored" Commodore 64. Retro games seem to be making a huge come back these days, on various platforms with remakes of Ghosts and Goblins/Maximo (Capcom), Defender (Midway), Gauntlet (Midway), or brining back the entire Pac-Man (Namco) family, it's all good. For whatever reasons that the general public wants these "classics" back, none the less they hold a very special place in all our gaming hearts!"

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The evil NOSTRA corporation prepares to unleash havoc on the world, and only the SpyHunter is equipped to stop them. Strapped behind the wheel of the powerful G-6155 Interceptor, you are the world's last chance! Utilizing an incredible arsenal of both offensive and defensive weapons, you must elude NOSTRA spies, henchmen and assassing at any cost if civilization is to be saved. SpyHunter combines explosive combat, speed-blurring action racing and mission-based game play as you drive the G-6155 Interceptor.


Tuesday, March 19, 2002
Thursday, January 17, 2002

Cheat Codes

      Play The Classic Version of Spy Hunter
Choose an agent at the start of the game and select an empty slot. Enter "OGSPY" as a name. If you entered the code correctly, the name will disappear and you will hear a clucking sound. After this is done, enter your own name and start the game.

User Reviews

Score: 68
Overall User Average: 6.84 / 10 (68.1%)
Gameplay User Average: 6.89 / 10
Graphics User Average: 5.95 / 10
Sound User Average: 6.26 / 10
Date reviewed: November 14, 2003.

Overall: Its a gun toting missle grinding fast moving car chasing after enemys, very exciting concept, and it fun at first
Gameplay: you chase bad buys and shoot them down, but what really drives me nuts is that you have to beat all these certain missions to advance, and it makes me mad! but other then that its pretty fun
Graphics: so so,it has a bad indication of least common denominator (ps2) and could need some updating, but wont take away from the gameplay
Sound: so so again, no DD 5.1 and the sound effects seem to be kinda bland, no big explosions a la mech assault and no a good rubber sound al la project gotham racing
Suggestions: dont make it so repetitive

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 40 %

Date reviewed: November 4, 2003.

Overall: this game was pretty cool. i mean the levels are pretty easy though and it started to suck after a while.
Gameplay: the controls are asy to use and there is alot of weapons, but the graphics are nothing special and it is just boring.
Graphics: the graphics are boring and so is the game. the graphics look like they spent not alot of time on too.
Sound: the sound isnt a whole lot better than anything else. the sound is kinda lame too. they cars dont sound a whole lot like a real car.

Overall: 30 %
Gameplay: 20 %
Graphics: 20 %
Sound: 20 %

Date reviewed: November 4, 2003.

Overall: Ok game, it was pretty fun but a little too unrealistic to my likings, the controls were a little difficult, and the graphics weren't very good.
Gameplay: It was fun for about the first 1-2 hours then it got a little boring, and sometimes frustrating. This game needed more time put into it, it kinda of seemed like it was made in just a couple months.
Graphics: There wasn't much too look at in this game. and what was there to look at wasn't that great looking, graphics wise and texture wise. The 3d models weren't very good but I did like the transformation that the car could perform, that was pretty cool to look at in that matrix type video mode.
Sound: Sound lacked allot in this game, mostly the same sounds they really didn't allot which was kinda of annoying at times. this definitely could have used some more effort.
Suggestions: Make Spyhuter 2 much better! start from the ground up on the sequal.

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 60 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: December 31, 2002.

Overall: WOW what a fun game to play!
It's like a bit of Project Gotham Racing, BloodWake, and MotorGP!!!
Highly reccommended for those who wants an addictive Arcade Fun type of play.

Gameplay: The gameplay is a very satisfying! If you like Project Gotham Racing, how would you feel adding a Turbo-Jet behind your car? If you like BloodWake, how would you feel adding more missiles and arsenals? If you like MotorGP, try adding a machine gun to the front and you get the idea. At first it was kinda difficult thinking it would be hard to reached all the primary and secondary obectives. But a little practice, I start to appreciate the arcade fun experience. Getting to do it over and over till you get it right. When you do, you get to unlock that level for Multiplayer which to me was a BIG fun factor. Controls are easy to master and I don't know what the gripe about using the A button twice to use Turbo. I mean, how hard is it to quickly tapping A twice? The levels are big and fun to explore. The story maybe a little bit cheesy, but hey, I am here to play and not watch a movie! The soundtrack Theme blended nice and so are the sound effects. Together, they make a very engaging experience. Fast & Furious!

My only gripe is that there are only 14 levels including the training level. Now if they expand it and makes it 50+ levels the multiplayers, man would this game put other racing games to SHAME!!!
Graphics: Visually its a good PS2 port. If you saw some other PS2 port like (Crash bandicoot), this ones blows it out of the water! Car model are beautiful. Quick turns makes skid marks everywhere. Oh I forgot my biggest complaint is how dark the screen is. This is unacceptable from a company quality control perspective. How can they let such a big mistake get through? It's such a easy option to add gamma adjustment as an option.

Even playing through the dark screen, I had a blast playing through the levels. In summary, graphics are good, just dark.

Sound: Can't complain here. All effects are well done especially turning up your 5.1 Dolby Digital s sounds authentic, The Peter Gunn theme sounds EXCITING!

Suggestions: Why is that that the Japanese games have so many levels and the US games are only a fraction of it? I know it's a lot of work to have 50+ level, but hey being #1 is never easy. You got the right stuff, just execute!

Again, thanks for a Fantastic Experience!

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: September 25, 2002.

Overall: I bought this game even after reading a lot of negative reviews for it and I must say, I sure dont know what all the whinings about. I really found myself liking this game. I dont feel all nostalgic about it but I do enjoy the James Bondesque feel the game provides.
Gameplay: It took me a good while to get used to the weapons switcher but once I did the game became a lot more fun. You will have to play a level several times before you can know when to shoot certain targets and retrieve the satcoms. I found it very fun and challenging to have to do this but I'm sure that it wont appeal to everyone. Sometimes the satcoms can feel imposible to get which can be a little frustrating.
Graphics: At first I was like "awe man this game really IS too dark" but then I turned up my brightness on my t.v.(something I probably should have down long ago) and the graphics were clear and bright as day. This really helped make the game more enjoyable. I think the graphics are pretty sweet. Maybe not as good as Project Gotham but still not too shabby.
Sound: Cool vintage music. The sound effects could have been a little bit more explosive but all and all not too shabby.
Suggestions: Maybe beef up the graphics a tad so that us xboxers can feel like we own one.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: September 1, 2002.

Overall: *Sigh* My bro bought this game after I told him I knew it was gonna be st00pid. This game is easy, pointless, not fun. The best part of this game is there's the original spy hunter- which isn't even done right!
Gameplay: Bah, don't rent this and waste your week's allowance kiddies.... this game is bad, mmkay.. ?
Graphics: Graphics are all-right. Not very realistic though... what are those laser things in the water?!?
Sound: *Boom* *Krackle* *Car Noise* ... nothing special in this category :(
Suggestions: Yeah, what were you smokin'?

Overall: 40 %
Gameplay: 20 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 30 %

Date reviewed: July 29, 2002.

Overall: This game is fun for a little while but definitely a high quality game. I'd rather have the original.
Gameplay: The game has a cheesy arcade feel to it. PLay it a couple times then get bored.
Graphics: This game is insulting to the xbox console. Shame on those graphics.
Sound: The Spy hunter theme is really nostalgic.

Overall: 40 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 30 %
Sound: 60 %

Megaherz *RAGE*
Date reviewed: July 6, 2002.

Overall: We all know Midway that brought good games like San Francisco Rush 1,2, and 2049 but also we know Midway by their arcade game like Spy Hunter or the Artic Thunder. Some people think that arcade game are boring and shouldn't be done on a console but i am not one of them. Why did i rent Spy Hunter if i was able to buy it ? Simply because it's multi-console game and they are useless. They are trying to have more money but that doesn't work anymore with me, i prefer to have an exlusif game. As i do my review habitually, i will talk about the story but in fact i didnt really know it because it was not clear for me. I didn't understand if i was a spy or a spy hunter ( probably a spy ) and why those stupid compagny want me dead. But i was able to pass the video game easily and i got a lot of fun with all those missiles and oil on the road. Mission are crazy and that why i love them but possibly the best thing it was our car, she can transform herself into a boat or when you are taken too many damage into a little motorcycle. Ok its time to talk about what a dislike : too hard to find something, its was totally great until i saw the multiplayer that make me sick. Imagine you got missile that can follow the other play, you are dead in 2 second with that, so you can't pass other character without beeing traped by those missiles. What type of mod or mini-games we have in multiplayer ? They add a chicken hunter mod ( boring ), a sattellite Comm hunter ( look like the chiken hunter ) and simply a race again the other player with all the gun. In conclusion if they take away the auto targetting missile in multiplayer and making better multiplayer it will probably be one of the greatest game ( at less 4 should be admit for beeing a great game ).
Gameplay: So easy, we got plenty of button to push but in about one hour we are ready to kick some ass. I have nothing to said about gameplay, its easy to turn, you got enough health, the difficulty is great and you got multiple objectives in 14 mission, its should keep you busy for a while. Don't forget its a action game so you need to push your brake sometimes and look around.
Graphics: Ok its a multi-console game so we don't expect to have greater graphic than the other one. But they give to us a little bit better than ps2 and gamecube but i just don't care because its look like the same. If we talk about the video, i should say they got a low budget because i just saw 5 of them until i can see plenty of those in Halo. Next time dude make graphic that should be show on x-box.
We can see a lot of mistake in the graphic hardware and they are not so beautiful for an x-box game but its playable, you should totally try it.
Sound: If you love Peter Gunn's classic theme song you will be in hell but if you didn't know him like me, you will put it down, i prefer to listen the radio or my audio cd. The sound effects are your standard engine revs, tire squeals, and gun shots. It's an arcade game and it feels like it. If more care had been taken to make a wider range of sounds and a deeper score, SpyHunter could have really immersed gamers.
Suggestions: Better multiplayer of course and next time dude don't put it multi-console. Also, you are entering a new kind of generation for games so make gamers proud of you !

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 60 %

Date reviewed: June 4, 2002.

Overall: Not what i was expecting--at all. One of my worst games yet, if you dont already have it, i suggest you rent it first.
Gameplay: Gameplay is pretty good, IMO. Accually i thought this was one of the better driving games,gameplay wise that is
Graphics: A little dark, but thats not my main problem, its always been, fuzzy, where ever i play it at, an i know im not the only one with this problem too.
Sound: Not to great, from what ive heard so far anyway, i havent heard to much voice wise yet, only music--maybe its just bad music
Suggestions: Stay away from a Spy Hunter 2

Overall: 30 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 20 %
Sound: 30 %

Date reviewed: April 6, 2002.

Overall: I loved playing this game in the adrcade as a kid, so I waited with eager anticipation for it's release. Overall, I have to say I liked it. I do wish they would not have put in so many objectives. Sometimes it's just nice to drive around fast and shoot stuff, like in the original.
Gameplay: The car handles real well. Don't expect to hold down the accelerator the whole game, you will need the brakes from time to time.
Graphics: Either I'm going blind from too much video gaming or this game is dark! Even large semi-trucks can pop up out of nowhere. It can be really hard to see what you're shooting at until you are right on top of it!
Sound: Sounds like the updated version of Spy Hunter should. Dolby 5.1 makes you feel like you're really in the middle of things.
Suggestions: Not so many secondary objectives (satcoms blow). I would love to see crisp and clean daylight graphics! Support the soundtrack feature.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: March 23, 2002.

Overall: While searching the currently limited library of XBOX games I found an old addiction jump out at me.... that crazy cool music started pumping in my ear.... dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun darrrrrrrrr darrrrrrrr darrrrrrr deeeee darrrrrr SPYHUNTER!!!! WOW!! COOL!!

I grabbed it and saw the new graphics, original music included!! and WHOA!!! the original arcade game also included!! enough to make the buy right there....

The gameplay switched from third to first person views are bothering me.... and the badguy interface ain't to hot either but ITS STILL SPYHUNTER!!!
Gameplay: The game plays more like a racing game than an action game. The first person view makes it difficult to negotiate the way too subtle differences between badguys and civilians. Oh by the way, you lose if you kill too many innocent bystanders in this one and you can't even shoot the weapons van!! The racing controls are VERY easy and not too hard to control, but throw in the ACTION goals of the game and you'll be hitting the brakes ALOT.

The Racing and Action??? don't mix.
Graphics: Very nice feel visually except for the badguys. The vehicles look good but the guys look like crash test dummies. And going 115MPH its hard to tell which cars are NOSTRA s !&%$@#* and which are Mom and Dad in the land rover. The level objective have a HUD (Heads up display) to help you find them but the background thugs blend in too much. And is it me? or does the graphics look REALLY dark???

Visually I love the movie cuts, I like the game background, but the principils in the game need work. The Interceptor itself is AWESOME!!!

Sound: Absolutly GREAT!! Original tracks inspied by original game!!!

No complaints, and if ya don't like em who cares it's on XBOX put your own on there!!
Suggestions: I think we went too far tword the racing side and not enought tword the Action thrills and level missions. I mean the SATcoms?? drop em. All they do is make you skill drive. The tracking is cool and the objective target are good. I would've made it a little brighter and clean cut. When racing that background looks GREAT!!! but you can't see the bad guys until you run over them. And the HUD only targets objectives... so it doesn't help here.

And don't dangle the original game over us!! I assume I have to complete the game to get to play the original. With this kind of game, the levels become frustraiting, the original would be a perfect unwinding no brainer to play while I was bored with the HARD levels. You know for a break.

Overall: 70 %
Gameplay: 50 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: March 21, 2002.

Overall: I know this game has gotten some bad rep, but I genuinely like it, It was a lot of fun and the different objuctives make it much more challenging. My only problem is i wish they could have added a few more levels and possibly the ability to transform into some sort of plane.
Gameplay: The game is very in depth and the action doesn't stop. It does however need more levels and maybe something like a bonus mission.
Graphics: this is the only downside, the graphics could have been much brighter. The graphics need to be more than just a port.
Sound: music is cool, but nothing superb. I would however like that all games have the option to put in your own music.
Suggestions: make it turn into a plane also

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 70 %

Date reviewed: March 21, 2002.

Overall: This could have been a cool arcade game. But it's too fricking dark! And what's up with multiplayer?
Gameplay: It's a sort-of-fun arcade type game, taking the old '83 arcade game to 3D (semi)-realism. But why is it so dark? To hide lame textures?!? A friend with an HDTV literally turned up the brightness on his TV to play this game. Without doing that, you'll run into corners and other cars 'cuz you can't see. And limiting the multiplayer to tracks you've completed 100% (all primary and secondary objectives) is ridiculous. Unlock the "secret" on the first level, and you get a really lame music video. Come on! This is 2002! Give me a better "che

Graphics: Too dark! If you don't want us to see your crappy textures, make them better! At least give us a Gamma Correction option in the Options....
Sound: It has Dolby 5.1, but the sound EFX are lame at best. Use the budget for better, brighter graphics! Very minimal sound effects in this one. The 5.1 helps only a tad in this one.
Suggestions: Make a better game: brighter, livelier, soundlier, and include multiplayer for all levels regardless of if you've completed them!!!

Overall: 30 %
Gameplay: 30 %
Graphics: 20 %
Sound: 30 %

Date reviewed: March 16, 2002.

Overall: Spyhunter is an action-packed title that is a must-have for anyone who considers themselves even remotely to be a James Bond fan. This game puts you into the life of a spy, and it does a much better job than you would expect. The action is really intense too, and keeps you really alert. Driving the Interceptor is soooo much fun, and it's easy to fish-tail it!
Gameplay: The game has a good learning curve. Unfortunately, it is much too short. If you really tried, you could beat the game in a day. However, it has good replay value, fortunaltely.
Graphics: This game is a straight ps2 port, and therefore, the graphics suffer. The Interceptor (your car) is beautifully modelled, as are most of the other vehicles. The Interceptor's morphing is smooth and captivating. The environments are pretty good-looking too. However, after playing Blood Wake, the water in Spy Hunter sucks. For a game that spends so much time in the water, the water looks awful. Also, the explosions look two-dimensional. Overall, graphics are average.
Sound: Great music and great sound effects, such as the explosions and weapons firing. It also has lots of cool extras such as music videos to listen to.
Suggestions: For god's sake, this Xbox! Not the "piss 2" (ps2)! Beef up the graphics! A bit more length would help. The game should have 50 levels. It actually has 14 levels. Otherwise, great job.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 60 %
Sound: 100 %

Date reviewed: March 14, 2002.

Overall: I loved this game in the arcade, but the xbox version is even better. At first I almost didn't buy it because many people were saying it wouldn't be that good. I am so glad that I spent this money! This game is amazing.
Gameplay: The gameplay is amazing. It is better than the original. The different areas are exciting and make you feel like you are really there. It is not repetitive at all. It is just TOO SWEET!
Graphics: The game looks incredible. All the graphics are extremely well done. Spy Hunter is a violent work of art.
Sound: The Dolby 5.1 rocks. You feel like you are part of the game. you hear bullets whizzing buy and cars behind you in the rear speaker. The music takes your breath away. The Peter Gunn theme never sounded so good.
Suggestions: I have trouble thinking of a single suggestion for developers, especially since the original game is included in the software. The only thing that I can think of is maybe a sequel with new areas or a new story line. The developers Should start working on a 3D Elevator Action.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

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